The Game marketing cheat sheet:


What you can find in it: Here

Marketing plan

All the basic info that you need to write down in your marketing plan, from customer, competitor to the budget. This section will help you to write a very simple marketing plan and better understand how to market your game.


Material needed for Game marketing

What do I need to market your games? In the cheat sheet, there is a list of material that you must have when is time to market your game, like trailers, gifts, press kit, blog etc.


Game marketing PR

So you have a good game and a lot of material to share… now how do I send it to the journalist? In the cheat sheet, you will find a short list of the best practice to contact journalists, bloggers etc. If you want to get a review from the best websites around the web, you can’t miss this list.


Periodic post

Only this section is worth the download of the sprite sheet, it contains all the info that you need to know to post on the social, from a list of the most used socials to a list of the most used hashtag and where to use them.



A lost of the most helpful tools that will help to manage and marketing your game. Here you can find tools to improve the keywords of your game or to monitoring the status of your app. Is like a toolbox for game marketing.



A list of feature that your game must have that will help to market your game.


Store tips

Do you want to publish your game on some of the stores around? If that is the case, you will find all you need to know to get you game on the store, from the tips to get features to how to find the right keywords to use.

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