Everyone knows the covid-19 virus has been spread all over the world, and It has infected 400k people, 80k people infected in America so far. Since TouTiao and Tencent build an open platform in which a person can submit an article, There were born over 1 million unexpert writers to submit their bullshit article to the platform and earning $0.1 for their living expenses. The initial proposal of the article is telling ignorant Chinese people to know, and China is the best place in the world, China is the most reliable economy entity which has exceeded America, any virus and capitalism won’t defeat China. Unfortunately, The piteously and unknowing Chinese people heard the lies every day, every month, every year and many decades, the lies have turned their mind to the devil, they can’t do independent thinking anymore. CCP has grabbed Their spirit and soul. I’m here to appeal to the people who want to be China going to great again, donate whatever you can to destroy the great-firewall, and free the press. The press can supervise everything that has happened, tell the truth to Chinese people, and It’s will be useful for our great China.

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