How to Install PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5 or PHP 5.6 on CentOS 6

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Install EPEL and Remi Repository 1. To install latest stable version of PHP, you need to add EPEL and Remi repository to your CentOS 6distribution using the following commands as root user. # wget # wget # rpm -Uvh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm remi-release-6.rpm Install EPEL and Remi Repo Install Yum-Utils to Manage Repository 2. Install yum-utils, a collection of utilities that integrate with […]

Installing PHP 5.4 on RHEL 6 and CentOS 6

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 6 still ship with PHP 5.3. ownCloud requires PHP 5.4 or better. There are several third-party repositories that supply PHP 5.4, but you must use the Software Collections (SCL) repository to be in compliance with your RHEL support contract, and not any other third-party repository. RHEL 6 Follow these […]

How to fix wordpress on Nginx 404 not found page

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Please add following text into nginx configuration file. location / { # This is cool because no php is touched for static content. # include the “?$args” part so non-default permalinks doesn’t break when using query string try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$is_args$args =404; } if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite ^.*$ /index.php last; }  

Airmail 3.6.6 crack macOS The best mail client

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Airmail 3 is a new mail client with fast performance and intuitive interaction. It offers support for iCloud™, MS Exchange, Gmail™, Google™ Apps, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™, and™. Airmail was designed from the ground up to give you a consistent experience whether you use single or multiple accounts, and to provide a quick, […]

How to fix 404 not found in Nginx of WordPress website

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how to fix ? it’s a really simple issues, just use rewrite function could be fix it. the code will be like this. location / { index index.html index.php; if (-f $request_filename/index.html){ rewrite (.*) $1/index.html break; } if (-f $request_filename/index.php){ rewrite (.*) $1/index.php; } if (!-f $request_filename){ rewrite (.*) /index.php; } } rewrite /wp-admin$ $scheme://$host$uri/ […]

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Crack Mac & PC version

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Crack  Mac & PC version, You could download at the link blow. Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Adobe Audition CC 2019 Adobe After Effects CC 2019 Adobe Indesign CC 2019 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Download here Just download and overwrite the existing file. Product Windows Mac OS […]