How To Turn Your Old PC Into a New Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex

How To Turn Your Old PC Into a New Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex

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Your old laptop or desktop was once your main machine, but now because it has older components that can’t run the latest version of Windows well, it sits unused in a drawer. However, if you install Google’s new Chrome OS Flex operating system, you can turn that sluggish notebook into a useful Chromebook or make that dated desktop into a helpful Chromebox. These revitalized devices will be so good at the most important tasks – web browsing, streaming and editing content in the cloud – that you can avoid buying a new computer for your kids or even yourself.

Google Chrome OS may not be the place for intensive computing tasks or popular game releases but it does provide us with a solid, and cheap platform for learning and working. We can even push the boundaries a little and stream games from Xbox Cloud or even Steam. We can even learn to code and build electronics projects using CircuitPython.

Google recently released Chrome OS Flex, an operating system similar to that used on Chrome devices. In basic use, Chrome OS Flex is merely a means to open a Chrome browser session and use Google’s cloud services. But we can use this OS on non-Google devices. This means that old hardware, gathering dust, can be repurposed to help children learn, adults work, and families be entertained.

In this how to we shall breathe new life into an Intel 4th Gen based PC using Chrome OS Flex for zero dollars outlay!

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