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AI Art & Design Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion Prompt Note

做个笔记记录一下生成AI女友的 prompt,供自己查找。 高清照片风格 Photo Realistic Negative Prompt for Beauty Style 风格 Style Description Style Description artbook 原画 game_cg 游戏CG tachi-e 立绘样式 comic 漫画 dakimakura 抱枕 cosplay 角色扮演 photo 照片 personification 拟人 realistic 现实 sketch 素描 traditional_media 手绘 sketch 手绘 Lighting Style Lighting Description Lighting Description Bloom 开花;绽放 God rays 神光;天光 Hard shadows 硬阴影 Studio lighting […]

AI Art & Design Stable Diffusion

Best Midjourney Prompts: an epic list of 644 crazy text to image ideas

Update! Version 5 just came out, and it’s more photographic and less artistic. Scroll all the way down for new prompts, V5 examples and best midjourney prompts for stunning results. What are the best text-to-image prompt keywords for unique types of art and photographic styles? For best AI art results? How about architecture, fantasy art, character […]

Stable Diffusion

Apple – Core ML Stable Diffusion

Copy from here. Run Stable Diffusion on Apple Silicon with Core ML This repository comprises: If you run into issues during installation or runtime, please refer to the FAQ section. Please refer to the System Requirements section before getting started. Example Results There are numerous versions of Stable Diffusion available on the Hugging Face Hub. Here are example results from […]


Python – 100天从新手到大师

Copy from here. Python应用领域和职业发展分析 简单的说,Python是一个“优雅”、“明确”、“简单”的编程语言。 Python在以下领域都有用武之地。 作为一名Python开发者,根据个人的喜好和职业规划,可以选择的就业领域也非常多。 说明:目前,数据分析和数据挖掘是非常热门的方向,因为不管是互联网行业还是传统行业都已经积累了大量的数据,各行各业都需要数据分析师从已有的数据中发现更多的商业价值,从而为企业的决策提供数据的支撑,这就是所谓的数据驱动决策。 给初学者的几个建议: Day01~15 – Python语言基础 Day01 – 初识Python Day02 – 语言元素 Day03 – 分支结构 Day04 – 循环结构 Day05 – 构造程序逻辑 Day06 – 函数和模块的使用 Day07 – 字符串和常用数据结构 Day08 – 面向对象编程基础 Day09 – 面向对象进阶 Day10 – 图形用户界面和游戏开发 Day11 – 文件和异常 Day12 – 字符串和正则表达式 Day13 – 进程和线程 Day14 – 网络编程入门和网络应用开发 Day15 – 图像和文档处理 Day16~Day20 – Python语言进阶  Day21~30 – Web前端入门 Day31~35 – 玩转Linux操作系统 Day36~40 – 数据库基础和进阶 Day41~55 – 实战Django Day41 – Django快速上手 Day42 – 深入模型 […]


Zulip – team collaboration tool

Copy from here Zulip overview Zulip is an open-source team collaboration tool with unique topic-based threading that combines the best of email and chat to make remote work productive and delightful. Fortune 500 companies, leading open source projects, and thousands of other organizations use Zulip every day. Zulip is the only modern team chat app that is designed for both live […]


Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon

View source code (GitHub) Core ML Models Today, we are excited to release optimizations to Core ML for Stable Diffusion in macOS 13.1 and iOS 16.2, along with code to get started with deploying to Apple Silicon devices. Since its public debut in August 2022, Stable Diffusion has been adopted by a vibrant community of artists, developers […]



Official implementation of Adding Conditional Control to Text-to-Image Diffusion Models. ControlNet is a neural network structure to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions. It copys the weights of neural network blocks into a “locked” copy and a “trainable” copy. The “trainable” one learns your condition. The “locked” one preserves your model. Thanks to this, training […]

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