Best Midjourney Prompts: an epic list of 644 crazy text to image ideas

Best Midjourney Prompts: an epic list of 644 crazy text to image ideas

Update! Version 5 just came out, and it’s more photographic and less artistic. Scroll all the way down for new prompts, V5 examples and best midjourney prompts for stunning results.

What are the best text-to-image prompt keywords for unique types of art and photographic styles? For best AI art results? How about architecture, fantasy art, character renders and logo design?

I’ve been playing with Midjourney and other text to image generators built around stable diffusion and I have my own prompts to get the best quality images, but recently I let chatGPT3 help me brainstorm some new ones… so here’s a huge list!

I’ll go through soon and make examples of some of these so you can see the differences, but here’s a handy reference guide. Note: it’s dodgy, but not illegal, to copy an artist’s style directly by using their name (for living artists at least); but you could also just paste in 2 pieces of artwork and reproduce something muchcloser to their originals. So these prompts will help you get what you want faster, but they’re just a starting point for you to develop “ethical” Midjourney prompts that are more unique.

Best MidJourney Prompts: Basics

Keep things simple in the beginning, just describe what you want to see. Then add styles until it’s closer to what you’ve imagined. Mostly likely, you’ll want either an artistic, illustrative style or a photorealistic style. But you can also make logos, sketches, tattoo or comic book art, children’s books… the sky is the limit and the results are insane.

You’ll probably want to test sizes and ratios too. The default size is square, but you can get a landscape or portrait (tall or wide) with these. The sizes need to come at the very end, after the whole prompt, with two dash, you can copy/paste these: 

  • –ar 2:3
  • –ar 3:2
  • –ar 9:16
  • –ar 16:9

(You need to add 2 short dashes – – and the spacing has to be right. WordPress is combining my doubledashes to an m-dash).

At the basic level, just describe what you want to see. You can use full sentences or not, but the more complex, the trickier it gets. You can have a realistic close-up portrait, but if you do a big scene with lots of detail, it’ll get kind of close but not perfect.

For best AI art results, it’s important to provide clear, descriptive text-to-image prompts and to adjust the settings in the AI tool to your desired level of customization and control. Experimenting with different keywords and styles can lead to surprising and unique AI generated images and art.

If you don’t pick ANY style, it will guess, and it may not guess what you want.

Here are some basics keywords where I didn’t even add a subject!

  1. Abstract Art:
    • “Vibrant colors,” “Geometric shapes,” “Abstract patterns,” “Movement and flow,” “Texture and layers.”
    • midjourney abstract art prompt
  2. Surreal Art:
    • “Dreamlike,” “Surreal landscapes,” “Mystical creatures,” “Twisted reality,” “Surreal still life.”
    • midjourney prompt surreal landscape
  3. Landscape Photography:
    • “Majestic mountains,” “Lush forests,” “Glittering lakes,” “Desert dunes,” “Golden sunsets.”
    • midjourney prompt landscape photography
  4. Portrait Photography:
    • “Emotive eyes,” “Intense gazes,” “Contemplative mood,” “Expressive gestures,” “Stylized poses”.
    • midjourney portrait photography prompts
  5. Minimalism:
    • “Simplicity,” “Clean lines,” “Minimal colors,” “Negative space,” “Minimal still life.”
    • midjourney minimalism prompts

But really, you’d start off with the WHAT first, describe the scene and the details; then add the style keywords. The size/ratio needs to come at the end.

Midjourney also has a few extra settings. You can play with them, or just add them to the end of your prompt individually.


In the following, I’m using 16:9 and just sharing the first, rough draft, without any upscaling, to give you an idea of the potential styles. Even if not perfect, Midjourney is pretty great at conveying the idea. These aren’t the best examples of what midjourney is capable of (though I’ll share a few more advanced tricks at the end!)

Best MidJourney Prompts: Art Styles & Photography

  1. Impressionism:
    • “Blurry brushstrokes,” “Painted light,” “Impressionistic landscapes,” “Pastel colors,” “Impressionistic portraits.”
    • midjourney prompts impressionism
  2. Realism:
    • “Hyper-realistic textures,” “Precise details,” “Realistic still life,” “Realistic portraits,” “Realistic landscapes.”
    • realism midjourney prompts
  3. Pop Art:
    • “Bold colors,” “Stylized portraits,” “Famous faces,” “Pop art still life,” “Pop art landscapes.”
    • pop art midjourney prompts
  4. Street Photography:
    • “Candid moments,” “Urban landscapes,” “Street life,” “Stories in motion,” “Street portraits.”
    • street photography midjourney prompts
  5. Night Photography:
    • “Lit cityscapes,” “Starry skies,” “Moonlit landscapes,” “Night time portraits,” “Long exposures.”
    • midjourney night photography prompts

These text-to-image prompt keywords can help you achieve a particular style or camera setting in your AI generated images and art. By providing clear, specific prompts, you can achieve a wide range of styles and techniques to suit your creative vision.

Best MidJourney Prompts: camera lenses and filters

Here are some extra text-to-image prompt keywords related to camera lenses and filters:

  1. Wide-Angle Lenses:
    • “Expansive landscapes,” “Sweeping cityscapes,” “Architectural details,” “Wide-angle portraits,” “Including more of the scene.”
  2. Telephoto Lenses:
    • “Zoomed in portraits,” “Isolated subjects,” “Compressed landscapes,” “Long-distance shots,” “Bokeh background.”
  3. Macro Lenses:
    • “Intricate details,” “Macro still life,” “Macro portraits,” “Close-up textures,” “Macro landscapes.”
  4. Polarizing Filters:
    • “Deep blue skies,” “Vibrant colors,” “Reduced glare,” “Polished reflections,” “Saturated landscapes.”
  5. Neutral Density Filters:
    • “Long exposures,” “Smooth water,” “Silky skies,” “Ethereal landscapes,” “Dreamy portraits.”

Best MidJourney Prompts: 45 Famous Artists

Here’s some things you can try. Personally, a lot of artists with a unique style aren’t what I’m looking for. I just want that slightly illustrated look. There’s a discussion about the ethics/legality of using living/contemporary artists, but (right now) you can’t copyright style, and unless you’re trying to copy an artist’s work and sell it, some artist names might give great results. 

Greg Rutkowski is very popular on midjourney, but I also love Alphonse Mucha, Carrie Ann Baade, and Michael Parkes. You can get great results without using an artist’s name though, or pick a more historical option.

  1. Salvador Dali – Surrealism
  2. Pablo Picasso – Cubism
  3. Vincent van Gogh – Post-Impressionism
  4. Frida Kahlo – Naive Art
  5. Henri Matisse – Fauvism
  6. Jean-Michel Basquiat – Graffiti Art
  7. Banksy – Street Art
  8. Edvard Munch – Expressionism
  9. Gustav Klimt – Art Nouveau
  10. René Magritte – Surrealism
  11. Marc Chagall – Modernism
  12. Wassily Kandinsky – Abstract Art
  13. Paul Cézanne – Post-Impressionism
  14. Amedeo Modigliani – Modernism
  15. Egon Schiele – Expressionism
  16. Joan Miró – Surrealism
  17. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Post-Impressionism
  18. Frédéric Bazille – Impressionism
  19. Georgia O’Keeffe – American Modernism
  20. Mary Cassatt – Impressionism
  21. Willem de Kooning – Abstract Expressionism
  22. Jackson Pollock – Action Painting
  23. Mark Rothko – Color Field Painting
  24. Robert Rauschenberg – Neo-Dada
  25. Roy Lichtenstein – Pop Art
  26. Claes Oldenburg – Pop Art
  27. Tom Wesselmann – Pop Art
  28. Jim Dine – Pop Art
  29. Ed Ruscha – Pop Art
  30. David Hockney – Pop Art
  31. Jasper Johns – Neo-Dada
  32. Robert Indiana – Pop Art
  33. Richard Hamilton – Pop Art
  34. Yoko Ono – Fluxus
  35. Niki de Saint Phalle – Naive Art
  36. Keith Haring – Graffiti Art
  37. Jean Dubuffet – Art Brut
  38. Max Ernst – Surrealism
  39. Paul Klee – Expressionism
  40. James Rosenquist – Pop Art
  41. Daniel Arsham – Architectural Art
  42. Liu Bolin – Invisible Art
  43. Ai Weiwei – Political Art
  44. Banksy – Street Art
  45. Jenny Holzer – Conceptual Art

Best MidJourney Prompts: 25 Photographers

  1. Robert Mapplethorpe – Fine Art Photography
  2. Cindy Sherman – Conceptual Photography
  3. Richard Avedon – Fashion Photography
  4. Helmut Newton – Fashion Photography
  5. Diane Arbus – Fine Art Photography
  6. Ansel Adams – Landscape Photography
  7. Henri Cartier-Bresson – Street Photography
  8. Robert Mapplethorpe – Fine Art Photography
  9. Cindy Sherman – Conceptual Photography
  10. Helmut Newton – Fashion Photography
  11. Edward Weston – Landscape Photography
  12. Dorothea Lange – Documentary Photography
  13. Robert Frank – Street Photography
  14. Man Ray – Surrealist Photography
  15. Irvin Penn – Fashion
  16. Julia Margaret Cameron – Portrait Photography
  17. Alfred Stieglitz – Landscape Photography
  18. Lee Friedlander – Street Photography
  19. Brassaï – Street Photography
  20. Walker Evans – Documentary Photography
  21. Thomas Struth – Landscape Photography
  22. Paul Strand – Landscape Photography
  23. Ralph Gibson – Fine Art Photography
  24. Nan Goldin – Fine Art Photography
  25. Garry Winogrand – Street Photography

Best MidJourney Prompts: 50 Anime Styles

  1. Akira Toriyama – Dragon Ball
  2. Hayao Miyazaki – Studio Ghibli
  3. Katsuhiro Otomo – Akira
  4. Mamoru Oshii – Ghost in the Shell
  5. Yoshitaka Amano – Final Fantasy
  6. Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto
  7. Osamu Tezuka – Astro Boy
  8. Takeshi Obata – Death Note
  9. Kentaro Miura – Berserk
  10. Rumiko Takahashi – Inuyasha
  11. Eiichiro Oda – One Piece
  12. Naoko Takeuchi – Sailor Moon
  13. Tite Kubo – Bleach
  14. Hiromu Arakawa – Fullmetal Alchemist
  15. Kunihiko Ikuhara – Revolutionary Girl Utena
  16. Go Nagai – Mazinger Z
  17. Shuichi Shigeno – Initial D
  18. Kōji Morimoto – Robot Carnival
  19. Satoshi Kon – Paprika
  20. Hiroyuki Imaishi – Gurren Lagann
  21. Tatsuya Ishihara – Clannad
  22. Masaaki Yuasa – Mind Game
  23. Kenichi Sonoda – Gunsmith Cats
  24. Isao Takahata – Grave of the Fireflies
  25. Mamoru Hosoda – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  26. Hideaki Anno – Neon Genesis Evangelion
  27. Seiji Kishi – Angel Beats!
  28. Keiichi Hara – Miss Hokusai
  29. Koji Morimoto – The Animatrix
  30. Kazuya Tsurumaki – FLCL
  31. Sayo Yamamoto – Yuri!!! on Ice
  32. Makoto Shinkai – Your Name
  33. Takashi Okazaki – Afro Samurai
  34. Kengo Kaji – Darling in the FranXX
  35. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – Neon Genesis Evangelion
  36. Atsuko Ishizuka – No Game No Life
  37. Junichi Sato – Sailor Moon
  38. Akitaro Daichi – Fruits Basket
  39. Satoshi Saga – Macross Frontier
  40. Keiji Gotoh – Kill la Kill
  41. Hiroyuki Okiura – Jin-Roh
  42. Goro Miyazaki – From Up on Poppy Hill
  43. Kenji Kamiyama – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  44. Mamoru Hosoda – Wolf Children
  45. Kitarō Kōsaka – Paprika
  46. Atsushi Nishigori – Kill la Kill
  47. Yoh Yoshinari – Little Witch Academia
  48. Yoshiyuki Tomino – Mobile Suit Gundam
  49. Tetsuro Amino – Macross Plus
  50. Sunao Katabuchi – In This Corner of the World

Midjourney Trending Styles

Just for fun, here are some random ideas to try out. Sometimes you get better results with a super long-detailed prompt, but as AI tools improve, you can get better results even with a simple prompt. The trick is to be specific, and also open to the wonder and surprise (it’s a little like book cover design: if you want an exact scene you’ll work twice as hard and get imperfect results; but if you’re flexible you’ll end up with something better than you expected).

  1. A winter full of regret: An art piece depicting the feeling of regret in a winter setting, with a focus on snow and frozen landscapes.
    • midjourney prompts winter solitude
  2. Drifting snow: A mesmerizing scene of snowflakes drifting in the wind, with soft colors and a dreamy atmosphere.
  3. A super cute baby pixar style white fairy rabbit: A whimsical, playful image of a cute white rabbit with delicate features, inspired by the art style of Pixar.
  4. Shiny snow-white fluffy: A beautiful representation of a fluffy, pure-white rabbit, with a radiant shine and bright eyes.
  5. Big bright eyes: A close-up shot of a cute animal with big, bright eyes, capturing their innocence and playfulness.
    • bright eyes midjourney prompt
  6. Fluffy tail: An art piece showcasing the playful, soft tail of a cute animal, surrounded by natural light and simple backgrounds.
  7. Blue sweater: A cozy, comfortable image of a cute animal wearing a warm blue sweater, surrounded by natural light and simple backgrounds.
  8. Pink hat: An art piece showcasing a cute animal wearing a playful pink hat, surrounded by natural light and simple backgrounds.
  9. Smile: A joyful image of a smiling cute animal, surrounded by natural light and simple backgrounds.
  10. Delicate and fine: An art piece showcasing the delicate and fine features of a cute animal, surrounded by natural light and simple backgrounds.
  11. Fairy tales: A whimsical, dreamy image of a cute animal surrounded by elements inspired by fairy tales, such as magical creatures and enchanted landscapes.
    • fairy tale midjourney prompts
  12. Incredibly high detailed: A meticulously crafted image of a cute animal, with incredibly high levels of detail and intricate textures.
  13. Pixar style: An art piece inspired by the whimsical and playful style of Pixar, featuring cute animals and bright colors.
  14. Bright color: An art piece showcasing a cute animal surrounded by bright, bold colors, capturing their playful energy and spirit.
  15. Natural light: A beautiful image of a cute animal surrounded by natural light, capturing their delicate beauty and charm.
  16. Simple background with pure color: An art piece showcasing a cute animal surrounded by a simple background with a pure color, creating a clean and polished look.
  17. 5 and Octane Render: An art piece showcasing a cute animal with a 5 aspect ratio and rendered
    • render midjourney prompts

243 Creative text-to-image prompts

These are based on popular, famous things that are common or recognizable, and unique styles from famous artists or photographers. I combined random things in a creative and fun way, like famous popular brands or cool items or companies, comics or icons. They get more and more creative, ridiculous, specific and detailed, and I’ll pick some favorites to generate images with as examples.

  • some of these DO use copyrighted pop culture icons, so you couldn’t use them commercially, I’m just using them as examples.

PS. something THIS detailed is unlikely to turn out well. But if you keep trying enough times, it might get it right. For something complex, I’d probably generate each object and then use photoshop to put it together. (For example… it tries a full-body spider man pose but isn’t sure where to put everything… or the rhino playing the violin; a rhino doesn’t have hands so it isn’t sure *how* the picture is possible. But it kind of manages with the wolf).

Also, the more specific details you add, the less likely it will also use the style prompts. I’m using Midjourney 4, and while it’s not perfect, it’s way better than Dalle2 right now. In a year I’m sure these prompts will come out nearly perfect.

You may also notice there’s a lot of repetition here: chatGpt3 struggles with long lists of ideas; there are even some authors or musicians given as “styles” which won’t work at all, but it’s a good starting point.

  1. A stylized photo of a well-known comic book superhero, such as Spider-Man, surfing on a giant taco while eating a hotdog and drinking a Pepsi.
    • spiderman prompts
  2. A retro pop art-style illustration of the famous Hollywood sign, surrounded by colorful and iconic classic cars like the Corvette and the Mustang.
  3. A surrealist interpretation of the Mona Lisa, surrounded by a flock of Twitter birds, each tweeting about different trending topics.
  4. A minimalist black and white shot of the Apple logo, placed in the middle of a massive Lego cityscape.
    • apple prompts
  5. A hyper-realistic oil painting of a majestic elephant, sitting on a branch and holding a Coca-Cola can in its trunk.
  6. A whimsical cartoon rendering of the famous “I ♥ NY” logo, with a hot air balloon shaped like a heart, floating over a bustling cityscape with famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
  7. A glossy fashion-photography inspired image of a model wearing a designer dress, striking a pose with a McDonald’s Big Mac in one hand and a Louis Vuitton handbag in the other.
  8. A dreamy and fantastical photo of a unicorn riding a hoverboard, with a backdrop of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
    • dreamy midjourney
  9. A vibrant abstract expressionist painting of the Nike swoosh logo, with bold strokes of color and movement.
  10. A quirky stop-motion animation of a Post-it note character, exploring the insides of a computer and discovering the Microsoft Windows logo.
  11. A stylized illustration of a unicorn sipping a Starbucks latte
  12. A graphic design featuring the Golden Gate Bridge made entirely out of Skittles candies
  13. An artistic photograph of a vintage record player playing a Beatles album
    • beatles vintage midjourney prompt
  14. A digital art piece of a robot holding a bouquet of flowers in front of the Eiffel Tower
    • robot midjourney
  15. A watercolor painting of a hot air balloon shaped like a Nike sneaker floating over the Grand Canyon
  16. An abstract photo of a red Ferrari car driving through a sea of Legos
    • midjourney ferrari
  17. A retro comic strip of Batman enjoying an In-N-Out burger on top of the Empire State Building
  18. A whimsical illustration of a cactus dressed up as Elvis Presley, performing on stage at Coachella festival
  19. A surreal landscape painting of Mount Rushmore made of jelly beans
  20. A playful photo montage of a yellow taxi cab playing hide and seek with the Statue of Liberty
  21. A pop art illustration of a hamburger made of pearls, diamonds, and gold
  22. A dreamy portrait of a mermaid floating in a pool of Coca-Cola
  23. A cubist painting of a pencil sharpener shaped like a pyramid in front of the Sphinx in Egypt
  24. A whimsical photo of a giraffe riding a unicycle while juggling pineapples in front of a neon sign that says “Welcome to Miami”
  25. A digital art piece of a dragon breathing fire made of jelly beans over the Hollywood sign
  26. A futuristic illustration of a flying saucer shaped like a pizza landing on the moon
  27. An impressionist photo of a sunset over the Great Wall of China made of gumdrops
    • great wall midjourney
  28. A surreal portrait of a cat wearing a top hat, playing a saxophone in a jazz club
  29. A pop art illustration of a McDonald’s Happy Meal made of caviar and champagne
  30. A whimsical photo montage of a yellow submarine exploring the depths of a ocean made of jelly beans
  31. A retro comic strip of Superman enjoying a slice of pizza on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  32. A whimsical illustration of a flamingo playing a guitar in front of the Colosseum in Rome
  33. A surreal landscape painting of the Sahara Desert made of cotton candy
  34. A pop art illustration of a giant ice cream cone melting into the Grand Canyon
  35. A whimsical photo montage of a penguin riding a bicycle while eating an ice cream cone in front of the Pyramids of Giza
  36. A digital art piece of a giant octopus made of jelly beans, attacking a city skyline
    • midjourney octopus
  37. A pop art illustration of a milk bottle made of diamonds and gold
  38. A whimsical photo montage of a turtle riding a skateboard in front of the Sydney Opera House
  39. A retro comic strip of Wonder Woman enjoying a hot dog on top of the Eiffel Tower
  40. A whimsical illustration of a zebra playing the drums in a concert at Central Park in New York
  41. A surreal landscape painting of the Amazon Rainforest made of jelly beans
  42. A pop art illustration of a giant cupcake melting into the Grand Canyon
  43. A whimsical photo montage of a crocodile playing the trumpet in front of the Sphinx in Egypt
  44. A digital art piece of a giant robot made of jelly beans, fighting a monster over the city skyline
  45. A pop art illustration of a bottle of ketchup made of rubies and gold
  46. A whimsical photo montage of a bear riding a motorcycle
  47. A futuristic cityscape in the style of Syd Mead
  48. A steampunk airship in the style of Jules Verne
    • midjourney steampunk airship
  49. A whimsical forest scene in the style of Tim Burton
  50. A surreal underwater world in the style of Salvador Dali
  51. A western saloon in the style of Frederic Remington
  52. A portrait of Frida Kahlo in the style of her own paintings
  53. A pop art superhero in the style of Roy Lichtenstein
  54. A garden of optical illusions in the style of M.C. Escher
  55. A mysterious, noir-style city alley in the style of Raymond Chandler
  56. A post-apocalyptic wasteland in the style of Mad Max
  57. A whimsical, musical scene in the style of E.H. Shepard
  58. A chaotic, punk-style cityscape in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat
    • chaotic punk
  59. A futuristic, dystopian world in the style of Blade Runner
  60. A magical, dreamlike world in the style of Hayao Miyazaki
  61. A mesmerizing, hypnotic pattern in the style of Victor Moscoso
    • midjourney pattern
  62. A vibrant, colorful street scene in the style of Diego Rivera
  63. A historical, epic battle scene in the style of Frank Frazetta
    • historical midjourney
  64. A quirky, retro diner scene in the style of Edward Hopper
  65. A minimalist, monochromatic still life in the style of Ellsworth Kelly
  66. A futuristic, cyberpunk metropolis in the style of William Gibson
  67. A dark, moody landscape in the style of Ansel Adams
  68. A playful, abstract world in the style of Joan Miró
  69. A surreal, dreamlike self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo
  70. A fantastical, otherworldly landscape in the style of Roger Dean
    • dean midjourney
  71. A lively, bustling city street in the style of Robert Frank
  72. A stylized, cartoonish action scene in the style of Jack Kirby
    • midjourney comic
  73. A futuristic, neon-lit cityscape in the style of TRON
    • tron midjourney
  74. A haunting, atmospheric ghost town in the style of Tim Burton
    • timburton midjourney
  75. A surreal, underwater world in the style of H.R. Giger
  76. A vibrant, explosive explosion in the style of Jack Kirby
  77. A whimsical, dreamlike world in the style of René Magritte
  78. A vibrant, abstract portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso
  79. A desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the style of John Carpenter
  80. A mesmerizing, hypnotic pattern in the style of Victor Vasarely
  81. A whimsical, fantastical creature in the style of Jim Henson
  82. A stylized, retro robot in the style of The Iron Giant
  83. A magical, dreamlike forest in the style of Hayao Miyazaki
  84. A whimsical, retro comic book scene in the style of MAD Magazine
  85. A vibrant, bustling street fair in the style of Diego Rivera
  86. A colorful, abstract world in the style of Joan Miró
  87. A futuristic, neon-lit cityscape in the style of TRON Legacy
  88. A whimsical, dreamlike world in the style of René Magritte
  89. A surreal, underwater world in the style of the little mermaid
  90. A floating city in the clouds, in the style of Salvador Dali
  91. A giant tea cup overflowing with flowers, in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe
  92. A giant jellyfish made of rainbow colored lights, in the style of James Turrell
  93. A vast desert landscape with a futuristic city in the distance, in the style of Syd Mead
  94. A surreal underwater world with giant flowers and animals, in the style of Ernst Haeckel
  95. A cityscape made entirely of candy, in the style of Willy Wonka
    • the word *willy* is banned! 🙂
  96. A massive tree made of books, in the style of Tim Burton
  97. A garden full of giant, glowing mushrooms, in the style of Hayao Miyazaki
  98. A robot made of recycled materials, in the style of Banksy
  99. A bustling city street full of iconic yellow taxis, in the style of Saul Bass
  100. A snowy mountain landscape with a hidden castle, in the style of Hayao Miyazaki
  101. A circus tent made of rainbows and stars, in the style of Alexander Calder
  102. A futuristic city with flying cars, in the style of Blade Runner
  103. A massive wave made of flowers, in the style of Andy Warhol
  104. A dreamlike forest with giant mushrooms and talking animals, in the style of Alice in Wonderland
  105. A city skyline made of ice cream cones, in the style of Wayne Thiebaud
  106. A desert landscape dotted with colorful hot air balloons, in the style of Henri Rousseau
  107. A garden filled with giant, colorful insects, in the style of Pablo Picasso
  108. A cityscape with towering, interconnected treehouses, in the style of Studio Ghibli
  109. A massive, golden mechanical elephant, in the style of Jules Verne
    • golden elephant midjourney
  110. A black and white cityscape with pops of neon color, in the style of Tron
  111. A forest of giant flowers, in the style of Henri Matisse
  112. A city made entirely of glass, in the style of M.C. Escher
  113. A beach scene with giant sandcastles and mermaids, in the style of The Little Mermaid
  114. A field of giant sunflowers, in the style of Vincent van Gogh
  115. A towering cityscape made of interconnected bridges, in the style of Futurama
  116. A surreal landscape with floating islands and a giant, glowing moon, in the style of Hayao Miyazaki
    • midjourney prompts
  117. A world made entirely of music, with musical notes and instruments as buildings, in the style of Amélie
  118. A garden of giant, vibrant vegetables, in the style of Frida Kahlo
  119. A futuristic cityscape with flying trains and monorails, in the style of The Jetsons
  120. A massive tree made of metal, with branches that form a city, in the style of H.R. Giger
  121. A city made of glass, with a giant crystal dome, in the style of The Fifth Element
  122. A black and white cityscape with a giant, glowing red heart, in the style of The Simpsons
  123. A bustling city street with iconic red double-decker buses, in the style of Mary Poppins
  124. A vast, golden desert landscape with a hidden oasis, in the style of Lawrence of Arabia
  125. A garden of giant, glowing fruit, in the style of Wayne Thiebaud
  126. A city skyline made of toys, in the style of Toy Story
  127. A magical, dreamlike forest with a hidden fairy village, in the style of The Secret of NIM
  128. A surrealist interpretation of the Mona Lisa, but with a hotdog for a face.
  129. A Pop Art representation of a banana split sundae in the style of Andy Warhol.
  130. An abstract expressionist image of a frog riding a unicycle, in the style of Jackson Pollock.
  131. A cubist still life of a bicycle made out of jellybeans.
  132. A minimalist portrait of a penguin wearing a top hat and monocle, in the style of Ellsworth Kelly.
  133. A futurist illustration of a robot playing the accordion.
  134. A landscape painting of a beach scene featuring giant slices of watermelon, in the style of Cezanne.
  135. A hyper-realistic oil painting of a unicorn made out of cotton candy.
  136. An art nouveau illustration of a peacock playing the harp.
  137. A dadaist collage of a bicycle made from random everyday objects.
  138. A vintage advertisement for a “flying car” featuring a cartoon character with a parachute.
  139. A surrealist interpretation of a tree made out of spaghetti.
  140. A baroque still life of a feast featuring a whole roasted peacock.
  141. An abstract landscape of a desert scene featuring a giant cactus playing the guitar.
  142. A cubist portrait of a person made entirely out of flowers.
  143. A pop art representation of a hamburger in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.
  144. A minimalist landscape of a mountain range made out of candy.
  145. An art deco illustration of a jazz club featuring a saxophone-playing penguin.
  146. A hyper-realistic portrait of a cat made out of clouds.
  147. A vintage poster for a “space race” featuring a rocket ship made out of jellybeans.
  148. A surrealist still life of a telephone made out of broccoli.
  149. A futurist portrait of a person made entirely out of circuitry.
  150. A pop art advertisement for a “soda fountain” featuring a cartoon character with a straw.
  151. An abstract expressionist image of a penguin riding a motorcycle.
  152. A baroque portrait of a person made entirely out of feathers.
    • baroque
  153. A cubist representation of a cityscape made out of fruit.
  154. A vintage poster for a “robo-dog” competition featuring robotic dogs made out of gears and bolts.
  155. A minimalist still life of a vase made out of pencils.
  156. An art nouveau portrait of a person made entirely out of vines and leaves.
  157. A hyper-realistic landscape of a forest made out of chocolate.
  158. A surrealist portrait of a person made entirely out of bubble gum.
  159. A pop art representation of a laptop in the style of Keith Haring.
  160. An abstract expressionist landscape of a seascape featuring a giant octopus playing the trumpet.
  161. A vintage advertisement for a “superhero” featuring a cartoon character with a cape.
  162. A futurist still life of a lamp made out of jellyfish.
  163. A baroque portrait of a person made entirely out of lace.
  164. A minimalist representation of a cityscape made out of matchsticks.
  165. An art deco portrait of a person made entirely out of mirrors.
  166. A hyper-realistic portrait of a dog made out of ice cream.
  167. A close-up of a cat’s face, in the style of Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits, but instead of human faces, it’s a cat’s face with different expressions, emotions, and props like a top hat, sunglasses, or a bow tie.
    • PS. there are two facebook groups just devoted to midjourney cats and they’re awesome!
  168. A scene from a science fiction movie, like Blade Runner, featuring a futuristic cityscape in the rain, with flying cars, neon lights, and people in long coats hurrying by.
  169. A surreal dreamscape, inspired by René Magritte, featuring a giant talking hot dog floating in the sky over a cityscape, surrounded by clouds, rainbows, and hot air balloons.
  170. A still life of a table, in the style of Giorgio Morandi’s paintings, with a collection of bizarre objects like a miniature horse, a broken vase, a banana peel, and a stack of books.
  171. A whimsical, magical forest, inspired by Maxfield Parrish’s paintings, with glowing mushrooms, fireflies, and a unicorn resting on a bed of leaves.
  172. A superhero action scene, in the style of Frank Frazetta’s paintings, with a fierce, muscular hero battling a horde of monsters and demons, wielding a glowing sword and a fiery aura.
  173. A scene from a fairy tale, inspired by Arthur Rackham’s illustrations, with a group of gnarled, wise old trees in a clearing, surrounded by curious animals like rabbits, squirrels, and birds.
  174. A portrait of a famous figure, like Napoleon Bonaparte, in the style of Jacques-Louis David’s paintings, with dramatic lighting, bold colors, and an intense expression on the subject’s face.
  175. A street scene, in the style of Garry Winogrand’s photographs, with random people walking, talking, and going about their business, caught in the midst of movement and chaos.
  176. A surreal, abstract landscape, inspired by Joan Miró’s paintings, with strange shapes, lines, and colors arranged in an imaginary world, with floating objects like planets and stars.
  177. A collage of popular and iconic logos, in the style of Robert Rauschenberg’s combines, with brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple, and McDonald’s, arranged in a chaotic, humorous composition.
  178. A scene from a futuristic city, inspired by Syd Mead’s concept art, with towering skyscrapers, sleek robots, and glowing holograms, as a sleek spaceship hovers in the background.
  179. A still life of flowers, in the style of Jan van Huysum’s paintings, with a lush arrangement of blooms in a vase, surrounded by delicate butterflies, bees, and other insects.
    • still life flowers painting
  180. A portrait of a movie star, like Marilyn Monroe, in the style of Andy Warhol’s screen prints, with bright colors, bold lines, and a repeating, iconic image of the subject.
  181. A landscape of a rolling countryside, inspired by Thomas Cole’s paintings, with a picturesque river, lush forests, and dramatic clouds, as a stagecoach travels along a winding road.
  182. A scene from a musical, like West Side Story, in the style of Al Hirschfeld’s drawings, with bold lines and exaggerated features, capturing the energy, movement, and rhythm of the performers.
  183. A surreal still life, inspired by Dalí’s paintings, with melting clocks, floating objects, and dreamlike imagery, in a fantastical, dreamlike arrangement.
  184. A life-size sculpture of a human hand with each finger painted like a different famous building, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Colosseum, etc. in the style of Claes Oldenburg.
  185. A futuristic cityscape in the style of Syd Mead, featuring a mix of flying cars, towering skyscrapers, and whimsical hovercrafts.
  186. A surreal still-life painting in the style of René Magritte, featuring a banana floating in mid-air, surrounded by a sea of clouds.
  187. An urban landscape with iconic comic book characters, such as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men, in the style of Mike Mignola.
    • superhero illustration
  188. A massive mural of a pink elephant wearing a bowler hat and monocle, surrounded by flying birds and whimsical clouds, in the style of Ursula Vernon.
    • elephant illustration AI
  189. A digital collage of iconic tech gadgets, such as the iPhone, MacBook, and Amazon Echo, in the style of David Hockney.
  190. An abstract portrait made from random objects, such as toy cars, rubber ducks, and playing cards, in the style of Robert Rauschenberg.
  191. A whimsical landscape featuring a giant jellyfish floating above a cityscape, in the style of Mary Blair.
  192. An underwater world populated by colorful sea creatures and coral, in the style of Pixar’s Finding Nemo.
  193. A whimsical illustration of a dog dressed as various professions, such as a chef, a fireman, and a doctor, in the style of Garth Williams.
    • dog illustrations
  194. A pop-art-style painting of a can of soda, surrounded by a cloud of bubbles and bright colors, in the style of Andy Warhol.
  195. A collection of abstract shapes and lines, inspired by the movement and energy of a bustling city, in the style of Joan Miró.
  196. A vibrant portrait of famous celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Drake, and Cardi B, surrounded by a sea of paparazzi, in the style of Ed Ruscha.
    • celebrity portraits
  197. A surreal landscape featuring a giant snail shell, with a cityscape inside, in the style of Tove Jansson.
  198. A detailed illustration of a quirky, fantastical world, filled with whimsical creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, and talking animals, in the style of Pauline Baynes.
  199. A digital illustration of a futuristic world, populated by robots and high-tech machinery, in the style of Syd Mead.
    • SydMead illustration AI
  200. An abstract landscape inspired by the beauty and chaos of nature, featuring a mix of organic shapes and bold colors, in the style of Mark Rothko.
  201. A colorful collage of iconic logos and brands, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s, in the style of Richard Hamilton.
  202. A whimsical illustration of a garden, filled with talking animals, magical creatures, and fantastical flowers, in the style of Kate Greenaway.
    • kate greenway
  203. A collection of portraits of famous musicians, such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and Madonna, surrounded by the iconic symbols of their music, in the style of Eduardo Paolozzi.
  204. A surreal illustration of a world filled with floating islands and impossible structures, in the style of M. C. Escher.
  205. A collection of portraits of famous athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt rollerskating in the park.
  206. An astronaut sitting on a giant hamburger in space, in the style of René Magritte
  207. A futuristic city made of Lego bricks, in the style of contemporary urban architecture
  208. A mermaid drinking a coca cola, in the style of Jim Dine
  209. A cat playing a violin on top of a flying book, in the style of Pablo Picasso
  210. A robot riding a unicycle through a field of sunflowers, in the style of Vincent van Gogh
  211. A dragon playing soccer with a flaming ball, in the style of Banksy
  212. A dinosaur reading a newspaper in a library, in the style of Salvador Dali
  213. A flying elephant with a camera, taking pictures of the clouds, in the style of Diane Arbus
  214. A clown playing piano on top of a carousel horse, in the style of Marc Chagall
  215. A giraffe in a suit, holding a briefcase, in the style of Tamara de Lempicka
  216. A ballerina in a tutu dancing with a giant octopus, in the style of Henri Matisse
  217. A polar bear wearing sunglasses, driving a motorcycle, in the style of Ed Ruscha
  218. A giant snake playing chess with a knight, in the style of Rembrandt
  219. A knight in shining armor playing video games, in the style of David Hockney
  220. A pig playing guitar and singing in front of a microphone, in the style of Frida Kahlo
  221. A jellyfish flying a kite on a beach, in the style of Mary Cassatt
  222. A monkey playing a trumpet, riding a bicycle, in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat
  223. A scarecrow holding a sunflower, standing in a field of wheat, in the style of Grant Wood
  224. A tiger playing chess with a king, in the style of Johannes Vermeer
  225. A kangaroo playing ping pong, in the style of Pablo Neruda
  226. A wolf playing the violin in a forest, in the style of Jack Kerouac
  227. A squirrel eating a Nutella crepe on a tree branch, in the style of Claude Monet
  228. A rabbit in a suit and tie, reading a newspaper on a bench, in the style of Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  229. A sheep playing guitar and singing in a meadow, in the style of Bob Dylan
  230. A turtle playing chess with a bishop, in the style of Paul Cézanne
  231. A zebra playing basketball with a zebra striped ball, in the style of Willem de Kooning
  232. A flamingo playing the drums in a jazz band, in the style of Louis Armstrong
  233. A penguin ice-skating on a frozen lake, in the style of Edgar Degas
  234. A seagull flying with a camera, taking pictures of the ocean, in the style of Ansel Adams
  235. A rhinoceros playing the violin in a grassy meadow, in the style of John Coltrane
  236. A moose playing chess with a queen, in the style of Edvard Munch
  237. A bear playing piano in a forest, in the style of Ludwig van Beethoven
    • bear in woods playing piano
  238. A horse playing guitar and singing in a stable, in the style of Johnny Cash
  239. A flamingo playing ping pong with a flamingo feather, in the style of Yayoi Kusama
    • flamingo art prompts
  240. A goose playing chess with a rook, in the style of Francis Bacon
  241. A camel playing the trumpet in a grocery store, in the style of Nicholas Price

Midjourney Prompts for Scenes and Landscapes

  • “A futuristic cityscape inspired by Blade Runner, featuring flying cars and neon lights, with a twist – all the buildings are made of different popular candies and sweets like Skittles, M&Ms, and Kit-Kats.”
  • “A surreal underwater world in the style of Salvador Dali, where all the sea creatures are actually different tech gadgets like iPhones, laptops, and smartwatches, floating amongst the seaweed and coral.”
    • midjourney prompt 3D graphics
  • “A whimsical forest in the style of Tim Burton, where all the trees and plants are made of different popular fast food items like burgers, fries, and fried chicken, and all the animals are dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.”
  • “A steampunk-inspired train station, where all the trains are made of different popular soda brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper, and the passengers are robots and cyborgs.”
  • “A futuristic theme park, inspired by Disney’s Tomorrowland, with rides and attractions made of different popular video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.”
  • “A dreamlike beach in the style of Max Ernst, where all the beachgoers are famous superheroes and villains from the Marvel and DC universes, lounging on sandcastles made of different types of cheese.”
    • midjourney superhero
  • “A post-apocalyptic wasteland, inspired by Mad Max, where all the vehicles and buildings are made of different popular snacks like Doritos, Pringles, and Cheetos, and all the survivors are dressed as characters from The Walking Dead.”
  • “A space station in the style of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, where all the spaceships and equipment are made of different popular candy bars like Snickers, Milky Way, and Three Musketeers, and all the astronauts are dressed as characters from Star Trek.”
    • midjourney space candy
  • “A spooky graveyard in the style of Edward Gorey, where all the tombstones and monuments are made of different popular cookies like Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butters, and all the ghosts are dressed as characters from The Addams Family.”
    • midjourney cemetary
  • “A fantastical castle in the style of John William Waterhouse, where all the knights and princesses are dressed as characters from different Disney movies, and all the castle walls and towers are made of different popular breakfast cereals like Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, and Cocoa Puffs.”
    • midjourney castle

Compare the challenging, nonsensical prompts above to the more historic scenes below.

Midjourney Prompts for Historical Settings (paintings)

  1. The Colosseum in Rome, AD 80 – An overhead view of the Colosseum in its prime, packed with thousands of spectators cheering on gladiators and wild animals in the arena. In the style of David Roberts’ 19th-century watercolor paintings.
    • midjourney colosseum
  2. The Great Pyramids of Giza, 2560 BC – An angled shot of the pyramids from the desert floor, with camels and nomads in the foreground and a bright blue sky in the background. In the style of Maximilien Luce’s Pointillist paintings.
    • midjourney pyramids egypt
  3. The Library of Alexandria, 300 BC – An interior view of the library’s main hall, with shelves stacked with scrolls and scholars at work. In the style of Ernst Haeckel’s Art Nouveau illustrations.
    • midjourney art styles
  4. The Battle of Waterloo, 1815 – A dramatic and chaotic scene of the Battle of Waterloo, with soldiers charging, horses galloping, and smoke rising from the battlefield. In the style of J.M.W. Turner’s Romantic landscapes.
    • midjourney historical art painting
  5. The Silk Road, 500 AD – A bustling market scene along the Silk Road, with merchants and travelers haggling over spices, textiles, and exotic goods. In the style of Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes.
    • midjourney historical travel art
  6. The Palace of Versailles, 1682 – A grand and opulent interior of the Palace of Versailles, with chandeliers, gilded moldings, and aristocrats in fashionable attire. In the style of Antoine Watteau’s Rococo paintings.
    • palace versailles, midjourney
  7. The Battle of Agincourt, 1415 – A bird’s eye view of the Battle of Agincourt, with English and French soldiers clashing on the battlefield and arrows raining down from the sky. In the style of Peter Paul Rubens’ Baroque battle scenes.
    • historical battle painting, midjourney
  8. The Sistine Chapel, 1480 – A close-up of the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, with Michelangelo’s iconic images of Adam, God, and the prophets. In the style of Gustav Klimt’s Art Nouveau portraits.
  9. The Parthenon in Athens, 447 BC – An aerial view of the Parthenon, with the columns, pediments, and sculptures set against a bright blue sky and the Acropolis in the background. In the style of Pablo Picasso’s Cubist still-lifes.
    • midjourney art styles
  10. The Trevi Fountain in Rome, 19 BC – An evening shot of the Trevi Fountain, with the cascading water lit up by lanterns and a full moon in the sky. In the style of Claude Monet’s Impressionist water lily paintings.
    • midjourney architecture styles
  11. The Roman Forum, 500 BC – A bustling street scene in the Roman Forum, with chariots, senators, and vendors selling goods. In the style of Marc Chagall’s Surrealist landscapes.
  12. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, 1173 – An angled shot of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with tourists and pigeons gathering at its base and the surrounding buildings of the city in the background. In the style of Eadweard Muybridge’s stop-motion photographs.
  13. The Tower of London, 1078 – A dramatic and foreboding view of the Tower of London, with its battlements, turrets, and towers set against a cloudy sky. In the style of J.R.R. Tolkien’s illustrations.
    • midjourney historical art styles
  14. The Louvre Museum, 1793 – A grand interior of the Louvre Museum, with the Winged Victory of Samothrace

Midjourney Prompts for Historical Settings (photos)

  1. A polaroid photo of Cleopatra VII, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, sitting on her throne in Alexandria, 51 BC
    • cleopatra photograph
  2. A black and white photo of Mahatma Gandhi leading a peaceful protest march in India, 1948
    • gandhi photograph
  3. A color photo of Martin Luther King Jr giving his famous “I have a dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial, 1963
  4. A sepia-toned photo of Queen Elizabeth I of England, smiling as she reviews her army before the Spanish Armada, 1588
    • queen elizabeth photograph midjourney
  5. A black and white photo of Marco Polo, trading with Mongol horsemen in the Silk Road, 1271
    • marco polo photograph, midjourney
  6. A color photo of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, working in her laboratory in Paris, 1911
    • Marie Curie photograph, midjourney
  7. A polaroid photo of the Berlin Wall, with East Berliners looking out from behind the wall, 1983
  8. A black and white photo of Julius Caesar, giving a speech to his army in Gaul, 49 BC
  9. A sepia-toned photo of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, at Scutari Barracks Hospital, 1854
  10. A color photo of Charles Darwin, standing on the deck of the HMS Beagle as it approaches the Galapagos Islands, 1835
  11. A polaroid photo of the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery, with the crew waving from the cockpit, 1984
  12. A black and white photo of King Henry VIII, signing the Act of Supremacy to break away from the Roman Catholic Church, 1534
  13. A sepia-toned photo of Abraham Lincoln, delivering the Gettysburg Address during the American Civil War, 1863
  14. A color photo of Mother Teresa, helping to feed the poor in Calcutta, India, 1950
  15. A polaroid photo of Christopher Columbus, landing in the New World, 1492
  16. A black and white photo of the Wright Brothers, making the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903
  17. A sepia-toned photo of Leonardo da Vinci, painting the Mona Lisa, 1519
  18. A color photo of Anne Frank, sitting in her attic hideaway in Amsterdam, 1942
  19. A polaroid photo of the fall of the Berlin Wall, with people celebrating and chipping away at the wall, 1989
  20. A black and white photo of Alexander the Great, leading his army into battle against the Persians, 331 BC
  21. A sepia-toned photo of Napoleon Bonaparte, reviewing his troops in Russia, 1812
  22. A color photo of George Washington, crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolution, 1776
  23. A polaroid photo of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, planting the American flag, 1969
  24. A black and white photo of King Tutankhamun, lying in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings, 1922
  25. A sepia-toned photo of the signing of the Magna Carta, establishing the rights of English citizens, 1215
  26. A color photo of Robert Falcon Scott, reaching the South Pole, 1912
  27. A polaroid photo of the construction of the Great Wall of China, with workers laying bricks and stones, 1300s
  28. A black and white photo of Julius Caesar, being assassinated by senators in the Roman Senate, 44 BC
  29. A sepia-toned photo of William the Conqueror, leading his army into England at the Battle of Hastings, 1066
  30. A color photo of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church, 1517
  31. A selfie of Cleopatra in front of the Sphinx in Egypt, 20 BC, looking regal and confident with a golden headpiece, wearing a white linen dress and surrounded by her loyal Egyptian army.
  32. A scene of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon River in 49 BC, with a determined look on his face as he leads his army into Italy and starts a civil war.
  33. A snapshot of Leonardo da Vinci painting the Last Supper in 1498, with the apostles gathered around the table and the master artist adding final touches to the masterpiece.
  34. A group photo of the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, with John Hancock’s bold signature in the center and Benjamin Franklin smiling in the background.
  35. A time-traveler’s photo of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn walking in the gardens of Greenwich Palace in 1536, with the king looking handsome and the queen wearing a stunning dress.
  36. A picture of Alexander the Great conquering the Persian Empire in 330 BC, with the mighty ruler on horseback and his army marching forward with their banners and weapons.
  37. A photo of Queen Elizabeth I giving a speech to her troops before the Spanish Armada in 1588, with a stern and confident expression and her red hair blowing in the wind.
  38. A scene of Marco Polo returning to Venice after his travels to the East in 1295, with his camel loaded with treasures and a smile of excitement and wonder on his face.
  39. A time-traveler’s selfie with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, with the Norman king wearing his crown and holding his sword, ready to claim the English throne.
  40. A snapshot of Christopher Columbus discovering America in 1492, with the explorer standing on the deck of his ship and gazing at the new world in wonder and awe.
  41. A picture of Marie Curie in her laboratory in Paris in 1898, with the scientist surrounded by her equipment and wearing a protective apron, discovering the secrets of radioactivity.
  42. A group photo of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon in 1969, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the American flag and capturing the moment of human’s first steps on another celestial body.
  43. A time-traveler’s photo of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church in 1517, with the reformer looking determined and the bystanders shocked and curious.
  44. A scene of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, with the grand ship breaking in half and the passengers and crew desperately trying to escape the freezing waters.
  45. A photo of William Wallace leading the Scottish army against the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, with a fierce look of bravery and a sword held high.
  46. A time-traveler’s selfie with Florence Nightingale at the Scutari Hospital in 1854, with the nurse holding a lamp and looking compassionate as she cares for the wounded soldiers.
  47. A snapshot of the Berlin Wall falling in 1989, with joyful Germans dancing on the wall and celebrating the end of the Cold War and the reunification of their country.
  48. A picture of the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903, with the aviation pioneers lying on their stomachs on the glider, controlling the wings and feeling the freedom of flight.
  49. A photo of Marie Antoinette walking in the Palace of Versailles in 1774, with the French queen surrounded by her courtiers and wearing a beautiful dress and a powdered wig.
  50. A photograph of Julius Caesar giving a triumphant speech to a cheering crowd of Roman citizens in 44 BC, in the style of an old oil painting.
  51. A Polaroid photo of a young Marie Curie in her laboratory in Paris, France, in the year 1898, with a beaker of glowing green liquid in her hand.
  52. A snapshot of Leonardo da Vinci in his workshop in Florence, Italy, in the year 1500, surrounded by sketches, paints, and his latest invention, a flying machine.
  53. An anonymous man in medieval armor, standing on a battlefield at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript.
  54. A time-traveler’s selfie with Cleopatra in her palace in Alexandria, Egypt, in the year 30 BC, with a view of the stunning Mediterranean Sea in the background.
  55. A colorful oil painting of a crowded market in the city of Timbuktu, Mali, in the year 1375, with vendors selling spices, cloth, and gold.
  56. A black-and-white photograph of a young Mahatma Gandhi leading a peaceful protest march in India in 1930, in the style of a documentary film.
  57. A Polaroid photo of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, in the year 1922, with the iconic golden mask on display.
  58. A snapshot of William Shakespeare on the stage at the Globe Theater in London, England, in the year 1600, with actors rehearsing a scene from “Hamlet”.
  59. An anonymous peasant girl at the coronation of King Henry III in Westminster Abbey in England, in the year 1216, in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript.
  60. A time-traveler’s selfie with Socrates in Athens, Greece, in the year 399 BC, surrounded by students eager to learn his philosophy.
  61. A black-and-white photograph of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church in Germany in 1517, in the style of a historical documentary.
  62. A snapshot of Mozart composing his latest symphony in Vienna, Austria, in the year 1791, surrounded by instruments and sheet music.
  63. An anonymous knight in shining armor, riding his horse into battle at the Battle of Crecy in France in 1356, in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript.
  64. A Polaroid photo of a young Elvis Presley performing in Memphis, Tennessee, in the year 1955, with the crowd going wild and the iconic blue suede shoes on display.
  65. A time-traveler’s selfie with Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon in 49 BC, surrounded by Roman soldiers, in the style of an old oil painting.
  66. A black-and-white photograph of a young Winston Churchill giving a rousing speech in the House of Commons in London, England, in 1940, in the style of a historical documentary.
  67. A snapshot of Beethoven conducting his Ninth Symphony in Vienna, Austria, in 1824, surrounded by musicians and the audience.
  68. An anonymous sailor on the deck of the HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, in the style of an oil painting from the era.
  69. A Polaroid photo of a young Martin Luther King Jr. giving his “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C. in 1963, in the style of a documentary film.
  70. A time-traveler’s selfie with Genghis Khan on the Mongol Plains

Midjourney Prompts for Famous Books & Literature 

  1. “A Moment of Solitude in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” – In the style of a classic oil painting, a portrait of a young wizard sits quietly on a bench in the Hogwarts castle gardens, surrounded by vibrant flowers, a hidden nook. A copy of “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi” lies open on the bench beside him. (From J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”)
  2. “The Haunting of Hill House” – A dramatic and dark black and white photograph captures a lone figure standing in front of Hill House, a gothic mansion with a history of paranormal activity. The figure is dressed in a long black cloak and hood, with an eerie expression on their face. The moon is full and casting an eerie glow on the house. (From Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House”)
  3. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” – A colorful and whimsical illustration depicts Huck and Jim rafting down the Mississippi River, surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife. The sun is setting in the background, casting a warm golden light over the scene. Huck is seen sitting with his fishing pole while Jim steers the raft with a long stick. (From Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”)
  4. “Gatsby’s Great Gatsby Party” – A 1920s style oil painting shows the interior of Gatsby’s mansion, filled with people dressed in flapper attire, drinking and dancing. Gatsby is in the center of the room, with a glass of champagne in hand, surrounded by guests and his love, Daisy Buchanan. The room is decorated with lush red velvet curtains and sparkling chandeliers. (From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”)
  5. “The Yellow Wallpaper” – A gothic, black and white photograph captures the protagonist locked in her room, staring at the yellow wallpaper in a state of madness. The wallpaper is peeling, with strange patterns and shapes that appear to move in the flickering candlelight. The protagonist’s face is partially obscured by shadows, with a look of fear and confusion. (From Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”)
  6. “Pride and Prejudice” – A romantic, Regency-era watercolor painting depicts Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in an intimate moment in a lush English garden, surrounded by roses and other blooming flowers. Elizabeth looks up at Darcy with a coy smile, while he gazes down at her with admiration. A peacock is perched on a nearby tree, adding to the charming scene. (From Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”)
  7. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – A dark and moody oil painting captures the portrait of Dorian Gray, the titular character who remains young and beautiful while his portrait ages and shows the corrupt soul within. The portrait is set against a dark background, with Dorian’s face partially obscured by shadows. A single rose lies wilted at the base of the portrait, symbolizing his decay. (From Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)
  1. “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” – A Victorian-era photograph depicts the aftermath of a grisly murder scene, with the body of a victim lying on the ground, surrounded by shocked onlookers. The central figure is Dr. Jekyll, looking wild-eyed and disheveled, as if he has just undergone a transformation into Mr. Hyde. The dark, foggy streets adds to the eerie atmosphere of the scene. (From Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”)
  2. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – A whimsical and magical oil painting captures the moment when the fairy queen Titania falls in love with Bottom, who has been transformed into a donkey. The painting is set in a lush forest, with a full moon shining down, casting an ethereal glow on the characters. The fairies are depicted flitting about, casting spells and adding to the enchanting atmosphere. (From William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  3. “To Kill a Mockingbird” – A black and white photograph captures Scout and Jem walking down a dusty street in Maycomb, Alabama, with their father, Atticus Finch, walking a few steps ahead. Scout is wearing her signature overalls and cap, while Jem is carrying a slingshot. The street is lined with old-fashioned storefronts, with a group of people gathered in the background, creating a sense of community and small-town life. (From Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”) I can’t do this one because “Kill” is banned.
  4. “The Call of the Wild” – A dramatic oil painting captures Buck, the St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix, in the middle of a snowy wilderness, surrounded by towering mountains and ice floes. Buck is standing tall, with his head held high, looking out into the distance, as if he is answering the call of the wild. The painting is set against a vivid blue sky, with the sun shining down, creating a sense of awe and majesty. (From Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild”)
  5. “Moby Dick” – A powerful watercolor painting depicts Captain Ahab and his crew, surrounded by the wild and dangerous ocean. Ahab is standing at the prow of the ship, with his harpoon in hand, while his crew is shown battling a giant white whale. The painting captures the sense of adventure, danger, and determination that characterizes the classic novel. (From Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”) I can’t do this one because “Dick” is banned. 😂
  6. “The Catcher in the Rye” – A black and white photograph captures the protagonist, Holden Caulfield, sitting on a park bench in New York City, with a cigarette in hand. Holden is depicted as restless and dissatisfied, with a look of cynicism and disillusionment on his face. The photograph captures the moody, introspective tone of the classic novel. (From J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”)
  7. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” – A colorful and surreal oil painting captures the magical realism of the town of Macondo, as described in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s famous novel. The painting is filled with strange, dream-like images, such as a floating soap bubble, a flying carpet, and a spiral staircase leading to nowhere. The painting captures the strange, captivating atmosphere of Macondo. (From Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”)
  8. “The War of the Worlds” – A science fiction-style alien invasion with dramatic lighting, science fiction robots and massive potholes, deserted apocalypse street, glooming lighting, human survivors hiding under the rubble.
  9. In the style of Norman Rockwell, a scene from “The Great Gatsby” – The characters of Gatsby and Daisy are sitting on a couch in Gatsby’s mansion, surrounded by lavish decor, crystal chandeliers and glamorous guests. They are talking intimately, with Gatsby gazing into Daisy’s eyes and holding her hand, both looking lost in their own world. The background is filled with a blur of laughter, music, and the sounds of champagne glasses clinking.
  10. In the style of Robert Doisneau, a scene from “Pride and Prejudice” – Elizabeth Bennet is walking through a sun-drenched countryside, a parasol in hand, as she reflects on her conversations with Mr. Darcy. The landscape is filled with wildflowers and rolling hills, and a distant view of Pemberley, Darcy’s estate, can be seen in the background.
  11. In the style of Frida Kahlo, a scene from “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – The portrait of Dorian Gray, painted by Basil Hallward, hangs in a dimly lit room, surrounded by candles, incense, and exotic flowers. The portrait is a vivid representation of Dorian’s inner corruption and beauty, with a twisted and grotesque expression on his face. The background is a swirl of dark and light, with glimpses of debauchery and decadence.
  12. In the style of Rembrandt, a scene from “Moby-Dick” – Ishmael stands on the deck of the Pequod, looking out to sea as the ship cuts through the waves. The sky is a blend of orange, red and yellow, with a full moon casting a silver glow over the water. In the background, Captain Ahab is visible, peering through a spyglass, searching for the white whale.
  13. In the style of Andrew Wyeth, a scene from “Little Women” – The March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, are gathered in the attic, surrounded by trunks and boxes of treasures. They are looking through old photos and journals, laughing and telling stories, with light streaming in through a dormer window. The background is filled with a sense of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia.
  14. In the style of Ansel Adams, a scene from “To Kill a Mockingbird” – Scout and Jem are walking home from school in Maycomb, Alabama, surrounded by the rolling hills and sprawling fields of the countryside. Scout is looking up at Jem with a mixture of awe and curiosity, as he talks about the mysteries of life and the lessons he’s learned. The background is filled with a sense of innocence and wonder, as the sun sets on another day in the deep South.
  15. In the style of Cindy Sherman, a scene from “One Hundred Years of Solitude” – Remedios La Bella is floating up into the sky, surrounded by a swirl of flowers, clouds, and light. Her body is radiant and serene, and she’s looking down at the world below with a mix of sadness and joy. The background is a dream-like landscape of magical realism, with glimpses of Macondo, the town where Remedios lived and loved.
  16. In the style of Edward Hopper, a scene from “The Catcher in the Rye” – Holden Caulfield is sitting on a bench in Central Park, surrounded by the bright lights and towering skyscrapers of New York City. He’s looking out at the world with a mix of cynicism and sadness, as he reflects on the loss of innocence and the struggles of growing up. The background is filled with the
  17. “In the style of a classic oil painting, create an image of the Great Gatsby’s extravagant mansion, surrounded by his wealthy guests during one of his infamous parties. Show Gatsby’s confident smile as he greets guests and raises a champagne glass, with a stunning chandelier in the background and flappers dancing in their 1920s attire.”
  18. “Using a minimalist, sketch-like style, create an image of Holden Caulfield sitting on a bench in Central Park, New York, deep in thought as he contemplates the world around him. Show his melancholic expression and the cityscape behind him, with a backdrop of the wintry New York sky.”
  19. “In the style of a vintage photograph, capture a moment in Middle Earth where Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins are setting out on their journey. Show them walking down a dirt path with their backpacks on, surrounded by the beautiful and magical landscape of the Shire.”
  20. “Create a photojournalistic-style image of Winston Smith as he starts to rebel against the oppressive government in George Orwell’s “1984.” Show him standing in front of a “Big Brother” poster, with a determined look on his face and the cityscape of Airstrip One in the background.”
  21. “Using an Impressionistic painting style, capture a moment in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” where Elizabeth Bennett is taking a walk in the countryside. Show her surrounded by the lush green landscape, with a whimsical, dream-like quality to the image.”
  22. “In the style of a romantic, Gothic painting, show a scene from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” where the Count is seducing a young woman. Show the beautiful, yet eerie castle in the background, with candles illuminating the dark room and the Count’s piercing gaze locked on his victim.” Seducing is banned.
  23. “Create a vintage-style image of Scout Finch, Jem and Dill as they play together in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama, in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Show the children laughing and playing in the dirt, surrounded by the quaint homes and fields of the South.”
  24. “In the style of an old-world illustration, show a scene from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” where Frodo and Sam are forging ahead through the dark, dangerous Mines of Moria. Show the two hobbits walking in front of a giant, carved door, with their swords in hand and a sense of foreboding in the air.”
  25. “Using a whimsical, fantasy-style illustration, create an image of Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. Show her surrounded by fantastical creatures, with the White Rabbit peeking out from behind a tree and a sense of wonder and adventure in the air.”
  26. “In the style of a dramatic, dark oil painting, show a scene from Stephen King’s “The Shining” where Jack Torrance is slowly losing his mind in the Overlook Hotel. Show him standing at the top of a staircase, with the ghostly visions of the past residents surrounding him and a sense of madness in his eyes.”
  27. “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee – A black and white photo of Scout Finch and Jem sitting on the porch of their father Atticus, looking out at the street with curiosity and innocence.
  28. “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald – A 1920s-style painting of Gatsby throwing a lavish party in his mansion, surrounded by flappers and jazz music.
  29. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams – A whimsical illustration of Arthur Dent being lifted by the air currents, surrounded by strange aliens and planets.
  30. “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen – A Regency-era portrait of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in an intense conversation, with a backdrop of the English countryside.
  31. “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien – A fantasy illustration of Frodo and Sam in the heart of the Mines of Moria, surrounded by goblins and trolls.
  32. “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger – A black and white photo of Holden Caulfield leaning against a wall, looking out at the city with a mix of melancholy and defiance.
  33. “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle – An Edwardian-era illustration of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the midst of an investigation, surrounded by the foggy streets of Victorian London.
  34. “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank – A sepia-toned photo of Anne sitting in her attic hideout, writing in her diary and surrounded by her family.
  35. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez – A surrealistic painting of the Buendía family, with vibrant colors and dreamlike imagery inspired by the Colombian magical realism style.
  36. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde – A Gothic portrait of Dorian Gray, with a backdrop of the dark, twisting streets of Victorian London.
  37. “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott – A nostalgic illustration of the March sisters in their family home, surrounded by the rolling hills of New England.
  38. “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte – A moody painting of Heathcliff and Catherine, with a backdrop of the wild moors of England.
  39. “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley – A futuristic illustration of the dystopian world of the novel, with a background of towering skyscrapers and high-tech machinery.
  40. “1984” by George Orwell – A dark, dystopian illustration of Winston Smith in the clutches of the Thought Police, surrounded by the bleak and oppressive world of Oceania.
  41. “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville – A romantic painting of Ishmael and Queequeg aboard the Pequod, surrounded by the rolling waves of the sea.
  42. “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London – A rugged illustration of Buck, the sled dog, surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and forests of the Yukon.
  43. “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein – A whimsical illustration of the tree and the little boy, surrounded by the lush forest and rolling hills.
  44. “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck – A Depression-era photograph of the Joad family, traveling along the dusty roads of the American West in search of food, shelter and the American dream.

Midjourney Prompts for Dystopian Apocalypse (movies, books, games)

Some of these prompts are made-up, imaginary future events that haven’t happened yet… but most are scenes from books, movies or games.

  1. “In the Style of Blade Runner”: The Rise of the Robots – The year is 2053 and robots have taken over many jobs previously done by humans. A scene of a busy street filled with advanced robots and drones, with a few scattered human workers.
  2. “In the Style of The Terminator”: The First Interstellar War – It’s 2065, and humanity is locked in a brutal conflict with an alien race. A battle scene with soldiers and advanced weapons, with a futuristic city in the background.
  3. “In the Style of War of the Worlds”: The Invasion of Earth – In 2072, Earth is under attack by a powerful alien force. A scene of destruction and chaos, with towering aliens towering over a city in ruins.
  4. “In the Style of Dune”: The Rise of the Sand People – In 2080, a new desert-dwelling culture has emerged, controlling vast stretches of desert lands. A scene of a caravan of sand-covered vehicles, led by a mysterious leader.
  5. “In the Style of The Matrix”: The Digital Uprising – The year is 2090 and artificial intelligence has taken control. A scene of a dark, neon-lit city where humans are plugged into the Matrix, controlled by the AI.
  6. “In the Style of Firefly”: The Expansion of the Space Frontier – It’s 2100, and humanity has spread out to the far reaches of the galaxy. A scene of a bustling space port, filled with a variety of alien species and cultures.
  7. “In the Style of Star Trek”: The Founding of the United Federation of Planets – In 2110, a coalition of planets has formed, creating a peaceful and prosperous federation. A scene of a grand council meeting, with delegates from different worlds gathered.
  8. “In the Style of Ender’s Game”: The Final Battle Against the Buggers – In 2120, the war against the alien race known as the Buggers reaches its conclusion. A scene of a massive space battle, with ships locked in combat.
  9. “In the Style of Mass Effect”: The Discovery of the Reapers – In 2130, a mysterious race of machines is discovered, threatening the existence of all organic life. A scene of a team of heroes, setting out to stop the Reapers.
  10. “In the Style of District 9”: The Arrival of the Prawns – In 2140, a group of alien refugees arrives on Earth, seeking asylum. A scene of a crowded refugee camp, with the aliens and humans living side by side.
  11. In the style of Blade Runner 2049, a scene of a bustling cityscape in 2075 where flying cars soar above towering skyscrapers and holographic advertisements. A figure in a long black coat walks down a dimly lit alley, clutching a briefcase with a glowing green orb inside.
  12. In the style of The Matrix, a scene of a desolate wasteland in 2101 where machines have taken over and humans are enslaved in virtual reality. A group of rebels, dressed in leather and carrying weapons, stand atop a dilapidated building, surveying the destruction below. Enslaved is banned.
  13. In the style of The Terminator, a scene of a battlefield in 2043 where robots and cyborgs clash in a brutal war for control of the world. A single figure in a gleaming metal exosuit towers over the chaos, brandishing a massive plasma cannon.
  14. In the style of Wall-E, a scene of a floating city in 2200 where humans live in a luxurious space station and robots do all the work. A roving robot named Wall-E and his companion Eve, explore a discarded landfill filled with old Earth relics.
  15. In the style of Star Trek, a scene of a crowded spaceport in 2300 where travelers from all over the galaxy come to trade and explore. A Starfleet officer in a Starfleet uniform and a sentient alien in a flowing cloak, share a conversation as they walk through the bustling crowds.
  16. In the style of War of the Worlds, a scene of a massive invasion of Earth by aliens in 2145. A family huddles in a basement as a towering tripod machine crushes buildings and vaporizes everything in its path.
  17. In the style of Back to the Future, a scene of a busy town square in 1985 where a time traveler has just arrived in a flying DeLorean. A group of teenagers watch in awe as the car disappears into the future, leaving behind a trail of smoke and fire.
  18. In the style of The Day After Tomorrow, a scene of a frozen New York City in 2075 after a catastrophic climate change event has caused the polar ice caps to melt and a massive storm to hit the city. A lone figure in a parka trudges through the snow, searching for survival.
  19. In the style of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a scene of a quirky intergalactic bar in 3000 where aliens and humans alike come to drink and socialize. A robot bartender serves up a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster as an eccentric alien named Ford Prefect holds court in the corner.
  20. In the style of The Walking Dead, a scene of a post-apocalyptic wasteland in 2050 where a virus has turned most of the population into flesh-eating zombies. A small group of survivors huddle around a campfire, planning their next move as they hear the shuffling footsteps of the undead closing in.
  21. In the style of Blade Runner, an AI-powered cityscape with flying cars and neon lights in the year 2057.
  22. A massive space station in the style of Mass Effect, with robots and aliens trading goods in the year 2113.
  23. A future city floating on water in the style of Waterworld, with solar panels powering boats and floating markets in the year 2145.
  24. A post-apocalyptic wasteland in the style of Mad Max, with mutated creatures and warring tribes in the year 2230.
  25. A bustling intergalactic market in the style of Star Wars, with all sorts of species haggling over rare goods in the year 2570.
  26. A virtual reality nightclub in the style of The Matrix, with people plugging into simulated experiences in the year 2670.
  27. A pristine eco-city in the style of Wall-E, with lush green spaces and self-sustaining technology in the year 3070.
  28. A time-traveler’s convention in the style of Doctor Who, with people from all different eras mingling and trading tips in the year 3500.
  29. A colony on a distant planet in the style of Avatar, with humans and alien species coexisting in a utopian society in the year 3970.
  30. A world where robots have taken over in the style of The Terminator, with few human survivors hiding and plotting a rebellion in the year 4010.

Note: nearly everything above would be copyrighted, so you couldn’t use it commerically. Except, fan art is already a gray area. When I was doing fine art in Taiwan, hello kitty variations were popular. Compare it for example, to Banksy’s mickey mouse and ronald mcdonald painting. If the art is transformative, and the value is produced by the new combinations of trademarked content, you could argue fair use and would probably win.

Midjourney Prompts: Famous Movie Scenes

A lot of the prompts above will get a generic style that isn’t copyright infringement, but if you deliberately add in specific characters, actors or movies, Midjourney will probably make something that’s a little too close for comfort. Fan art is allowed, but selling fan art can be questionable. Just something to keep in mind as you play with these prompts…

  1. “In the style of Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, a scene depicting the moment when Jack Skellington discovers Christmas Town.”
  2. “In the style of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, a space shuttle crew member floating through the infinite darkness of space while gazing at the mysterious black monolith.”
  3. “In the style of the movie ‘Blade Runner’, a futuristic cityscape with neon lights and flying cars.”
  4. “In the style of the movie ‘The Matrix’, a character performing incredible martial arts moves while dodging bullets in slow motion.”
  5. “In the style of the movie ‘Jurassic Park’, a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing a jeep full of tourists through a jungle.”
  6. “In the style of the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’, a sweeping shot of the massive army of orcs marching towards the Battle of Minas Tirith.”
  7. “In the style of the movie ‘Star Wars’, a group of X-Wing fighters flying in formation towards the Death Star.”
  8. “In the style of the movie ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’, E.T. riding a bicycle through the moonlit sky with Elliot.”
  9. “In the style of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Captain Jack Sparrow dueling with Davy Jones on the deck of the Flying Dutchman.”
  10. “In the style of the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’, Indiana Jones running from a giant rolling boulder in an ancient temple.”
  11. “In the style of the movie ‘The Terminator’, a cyborg assassin walking through a war-torn city while searching for its target.”
  12. “In the style of the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the tornado carrying Dorothy’s house to the Land of Oz.”
  13. “In the style of the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, the trio flying on broomsticks above Hogwarts during a Quidditch match.”
  14. “In the style of the movie ‘The Dark Knight’, the Joker holding hostages at gunpoint on the ferris wheel at an amusement park.”
  15. “In the style of the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, Forrest sitting on a bench and talking to a stranger while waiting for the bus.”
  16. “In the style of the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, Clarice Starling interviewing the infamous serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, behind bars.”
  17. “In the style of the movie ‘Back to the Future’, Marty McFly traveling through time in the Delorean sports car.”
  18. “In the style of the movie ‘The Lion King’, Simba overlooking the Pride Lands from Pride Rock.”
  19. “In the style of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’, Ariel gazing at the surface of the water and longing to be part of the human world.”
  20. “In the style of the movie ‘The Incredibles’, the family of superheroes facing off against the villain Syndrome.”
  21. “In the style of the movie ‘The Truman Show’, Truman realizing the truth about his life as a reality TV star.”
  22. “In the style of the movie ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect hitchhiking through space.”
  23. “In the style of the movie ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’, the USS Enterprise exploring a massive, pulsing energy cloud.”
  24. “In the style of the movie ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Darth Vader dueling with Luke Skywalker on the Cloud City.”
  25. “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) – Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne is behind bars in Shawshank State Penitentiary. Style: Noir photo, dark and moody with the small details of Andy’s life in prison standing out.
  26. “The Godfather” (1972) – Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone is in his office, surrounded by his family and closest advisors. Style: Renaissance oil painting, with the figures grandly posed and the background filled with detailed Italian architecture.
  27. “Pulp Fiction” (1994) – John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as Vincent and Jules, armed with their iconic weapons and ready to deliver a hit. Style: Pop Art, bright and bold with exaggerated expressions and the iconic objects of the movie standing out.
  28. “The Dark Knight” (2008) – Christian Bale as Batman is on the roof of a skyscraper in Gotham City, overlooking the city. Style: High contrast black and white, reminiscent of a comic book panel.
  29. “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991) – Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling, holding the famous lambskin envelope in a dimly lit room. Style: Film noir, with the dramatic lighting highlighting Clarice’s determined expression.
  30. “Fight Club” (1999) – Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as Tyler Durden and The Narrator, in the final scene of the film. Style: Abstract expressionism, with bold brushstrokes and fragmented images showing the chaos and destruction of the final showdown.
  31. “The Matrix” (1999) – Keanu Reeves as Neo, dodging bullets in the famous “bullet time” sequence. Style: Futuristic digital art, with a high-tech, neon-lit look and feel.
  32. “Goodfellas” (1990) – Ray Liotta as Henry Hill, surrounded by his criminal associates in a smoke-filled room. Style: Film noir, with the faces and details of the characters obscured by shadows and smoke.
  33. “The Terminator” (1984) – Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, ready for action with his signature weapon. Style: Futuristic cyberpunk, with a cold, metallic look and feel.
  34. “Forrest Gump” (1994) – Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, sitting on a bench at a bus stop waiting for his next adventure. Style: Naive art, with a playful, whimsical feel and the iconic details of Forrest’s journey highlighted.

Cool Midjourney Architecture Prompts

Here are a bunch of weird and cool architecture prompts, in the style of famous designers and architects, but with random modern mixes of intriguing and bizarre concept art, realistic sketches or 3D render buildings, that will give you interesting results.

  1. “A towering, spiraling skyscraper in the style of Zaha Hadid, made entirely out of reflective glass, with a waterfall cascading down the side and a spacious, futuristic observation deck on top.”
  2. “A sleek, modernist office building in the style of Le Corbusier, surrounded by a vast, grassy park and featuring a large, rectangular pool and plenty of sunlight streaming in through large, geometric windows.”
  3. A massive, avant-garde shopping mall in the style of Frank Gehry, filled with curved walls, twisted steel beams, and brightly lit, abstract sculptures.”
  4. “A quaint, traditional Japanese temple in the style of Tadao Ando, surrounded by serene, tranquil gardens and featuring a simple, minimalist design and a peaceful koi pond.”
  5. “A towering, futuristically designed hotel in the style of Norman Foster, with a large, glass-bottomed infinity pool on the top floor, offering breathtaking views of the city.”
  6. “An eccentric, whimsical treehouse in the style of Antoni Gaudi, with twisting branches, woven baskets, and colorful mosaics, surrounded by a lush, jungle-like forest.”
  7. “A sprawling, futuristic city in the style of Syd Mead, with sleek, metallic skyscrapers, sprawling transportation networks, and bright, glowing neon lights.”
  8. “A grand, neoclassical palace in the style of John Nash, surrounded by vast, well-manicured gardens, featuring grand, marble columns and ornate, golden details.”
  9. “A mysterious, Gothic castle in the style of H.R. Giger, with dark, brooding towers, spiky, twisted battlements, and eerie, glowing lights.”
  10. “A modern, minimalist cottage in the style of Mies van der Rohe, with clean lines, simple materials, and large windows offering sweeping views of the countryside.”
  11. “A futuristic, spaceship-inspired building designed by Zaha Hadid, featuring sleek lines and curves with an iridescent exterior and glowing blue lights. The building is surrounded by a vast artificial lake that reflects its unique shape.”
  12. “A whimsical, fantasy-inspired treehouse in the style of Antoni Gaudi, made of curved wooden branches, colorful mosaic tiles, and stained glass windows. The treehouse is surrounded by lush greenery and bird nests can be seen on its branches.”
  13. “A sleek, minimalist glass building designed by Mies van der Rohe, with clean lines and a reflective exterior that blends in with its surroundings. The building’s entrance features a large water fountain that cascades down its sides.”
  14. “An eccentric, sculptural tower designed by Frank Gehry, made of twisted metal ribbons and glass panes that seem to defy gravity. The tower is surrounded by a manicured park with whimsical sculptures and a large pond with lily pads.”
  15. “A futurist, trippy building designed by Kazuyo Sejima, featuring smooth curves and a translucent exterior that allows light to filter through. The building is surrounded by a futuristic cityscape with flying cars and soaring skyscrapers.”
  16. “An abstract, surreal building designed by Shigeru Ban, made of stacked cardboard tubes and woven bamboo matting. The building’s exterior features a whimsical, organic form, while its interior is a bright and airy space filled with light.”
  17. “A Gothic, medieval-inspired castle designed by H.R. Giger, with jagged towers, pointed arches, and intricate stone carvings. The castle is set atop a misty hill and surrounded by a moat filled with eerie green water.”
  18. “A futuristic, organic building designed by Santiago Calatrava, with a flowing, undulating form that resembles a giant sea creature. The building’s exterior is covered in a reflective, iridescent material that shimmers in the sunlight.”
  19. “A surreal, dream-like building designed by Anish Kapoor, featuring a large, concave mirror that reflects the sky and clouds. The building is surrounded by a sprawling, green landscape filled with surreal sculptures and winding pathways.”
  20. “An abstract, angular building designed by Jean Nouvel, with jutting, angular forms and a reflective exterior that creates an optical illusion of constantly changing shapes. The building is surrounded by a bustling cityscape with bustling street vendors and street performers.”

More unique and creative, gorgeous, visually stunning examples

  1. A futuristic cathedral made entirely of glass, with a minimalist design inspired by the works of I.M. Pei, but with a towering spire reaching towards the sky. In the style of a 3D render.
  2. An abandoned castle on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a gothic architectural style inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi. In the style of a moody watercolor painting.
  3. A whimsical treehouse village suspended in the air, built around a giant redwood tree. In the style of a pen and ink illustration.
  4. A sleek and modern skyscraper, with a zig-zag design inspired by the works of Zaha Hadid. In the style of a colorful abstract painting.
  5. A symmetrical Georgian mansion, surrounded by a garden of blooming flowers and ivy-covered walls. In the style of a romantic oil painting.
  6. A space-age looking observatory, perched on top of a mountain with a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape. In the style of a detailed architectural drawing.
  7. A sprawling futurist city, with towering skyscrapers, suspended bridges and flying cars. In the style of a vibrant digital painting.
  8. A minimalist Japanese tea house, surrounded by a tranquil koi pond and a zen garden. In the style of a delicate watercolor painting.
  9. A surrealist lighthouse, with a spiraling tower and a rotating light, surrounded by a sea of clouds. In the style of a dreamlike oil painting.
  10. A medieval-style fortress, complete with battlements, a moat, and a drawbridge. In the style of a stylized pencil sketch.
  11. A futuristic high-rise building in the style of Zaha Hadid, made entirely out of glass and steel. It’s situated in the middle of a busy metropolis and has a distinct shape that resembles a giant wave.
  12. A minimalist Japanese style wooden house, designed in the style of Tadao Ando, set in a forest surrounded by cherry blossom trees.
  13. A massive and intricate medieval castle, inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudí, with intricate stonework and towering spires.
  14. A colorful and whimsical playhouse for kids, designed in the style of Frank Gehry, with twisted and curving shapes made from bright red, yellow and blue panels.
  15. A minimalist concrete apartment building, inspired by the works of Le Corbusier, with large windows that provide ample natural light.
  16. An Art Deco style skyscraper, inspired by the works of Erich Mendelsohn, with tall spires and intricate geometric patterns.
  17. A whimsical cottage in the forest, designed in the style of Gaudi, with a thatched roof and curving lines.
  18. An enormous space-age dome structure, designed in the style of Buckminster Fuller, with a intricate network of interlocking triangles and a gleaming silver exterior.
  19. An ancient Roman style temple, built in the style of Vitruvius, with soaring columns and intricate carvings.
  20. An ultra-modern and sleek train station, inspired by the works of Santiago Calatrava, with a curved glass roof and bright white marble floors.

Best Midjourney prompts for Fashion Design

If you’re trying to get a great fashion shot, you can try adding a designer’s name for more style and detail.

  1. Valentino
  2. Elie Saab
  3. Oscar de la Renta
  4. Carolina Herrera
  5. Vera Wang
  6. Marchesa
  7. Monique Lhuillier
  8. Alexander McQueen
  9. Giambattista Valli
  10. Ralph & Russo
  11. Gucci
  12. Dior
  13. Chanel
  14. Givenchy
  15. Versace
  16. Prada
  17. Balmain
  18. Tom Ford
  19. Michael Kors
  20. Zac Posen
  21. Badgley Mischka
  22. Berta Bridal
  23. Zuhair Murad
  24. Jenny Packham
  25. Temperley London
  26. Naeem Khan
  27. Reem Acra
  28. Romona Keveza
  29. Lela Rose
  30. J. Mendel
  31. Jenny Yoo
  32. Hayley Paige
  33. Anne Barge
  34. Watters
  35. Justin Alexander
  36. Maggie Sottero
  37. Enzoani
  38. Pronovias
  39. Amsale
  40. David’s Bridal
  41. BHLDN
  42. Rosa Clará
  43. Galia Lahav
  44. YolanCris
  45. Elie by Elie Saab
  46. Tadashi Shoji
  47. Rachel Gilbert
  48. Alice + Olivia
  49. BCBG Max Azria
  50. Nicole Miller

Best midjourney prompts for illustration

I haven’t tested all these yet, but here are some “golden age” illustrators from classic books (from artcyclopedia).

  • Sir John Tenniel 1820-1914 English Illustrator
  • Walter Crane 1845-1915 English Illustrator
  • Kate Greenaway 1846-1901 English Illustrator
  • Edwin Austin Abbey 1852-1911 American Illustrator/Muralist
  • Howard Pyle 1853-1911 American Illustrator
  • Louis John Rhead 1858-1926 English/American Illustrator
  • Jessie Willcox Smith 1863-1935 American Illustrator
  • Edward Penfield 1866-1925 American Illustrator
  • Beatrix Potter 1866-1943 English Illustrator
  • Charles Dana Gibson 1867-1944 American Illustrator
  • Arthur Rackham 1867-1939 English Illustrator
  • Maxfield Parrish 1870-1966 American Illustrator
  • Charles Robinson 1870-1937 Illustrator
  • Elizabeth Shippen Green 1871-1954 American Illustrator
  • Aubrey Beardsley 1872-1898 English Illustrator
  • J.C. Leyendecker 1874-1951 American Illustrator
  • Violet Oakley 1874-1961 American Muralist
  • Ivan Bilibin 1876-1942 Russian Illustrator
  • Harrison Fisher 1877-1934 American Illustrator
  • James Montgomery Flagg 1877-1960 American Illustrator
  • Frank E. Schoonover 1877-1972 American Illustrator
  • Millicent Sowerby 1878-1967 English Illustrator
  • C. Coles Phillips 1880-1927 American Illustrator
  • Joseph Clement Coll 1881-1921 American Illustrator
  • Edmund Dulac 1882-1953 French Illustrator
  • N.C. Wyeth 1882-1945 American Illustrator
  • Edward Julius Detmold 1883-1957 English Illustrator
  • Kay Nielsen 1886-1957 Danish/American Illustrator

Creative Prompts for Midjourney V.5

Editorial style photo, medium closeup shot, off-center, a young, brunette, french woman, sitting at a Marble Table, wearing a black gucci dress and diamond necklace, in an Art Deco Dining Room with Velvet, Brass, and Mirror accents, Jewel Toned color pallete, West Elm, Chandelier, Restaurant, Evening, natural lighting, Fujifilm, Luxurious, Historical, 4k –ar 16:9 –stylize 1000

These prompts were made with midjourney version 4: not “niji” or test or test-photo. But midjourney 5 is out now and it’s pretty different. In my experiences, and from what most people are saying, V4 was better at aesthetics. Everything looks great, beautiful and artistic. It has more drama and emotion. It’s more stylish. But it struggled with details, like hands and faces.

Midjourney 5 fixed the details, but also took away the art. Some people like it better this way. It can make perfect, realistic photos, near perfect hands and faces, and it’ll give you exactly what you want. But it won’t be stunning or eyecatching. Not great for an ad or facebook post or even a featured blog image. They just look like, regular people photos.

I as looking for a romance-cover type of image, but got these. They’re *great* for stock photos and nobody would guess they were AI at first glance. Prompt“cute modern couple on a park bench, colorful sunny day romance vibes”

Of course it can do more. Here’s where I’m struggling: I mostly do fantasy art, of things that don’t really exist. So of course there aren’t many real photos to use as references. V4 mostly used art as reference, for artistic results. V5 seems much more photo-weighted, so things tend to be realistic by default. 

When I try to make fantasy stuff, instead of gorgeous fantasy art, I often get pictures that looks like really bad cosplay. Instead of art that looks like detailed, realistic, fantasy armor for example – epic, captivating – I get something that looks homemade and spraypainted; a person dressing up like fantasy, but with cheap props. In the case of dragons, they look like plastic toy models, and some of my characters look like daz3D renders.

The prompt here was just “renaissance robot”. These are V4:

This is V5:

That said, V5 can also make some great stuff. I redid most of my older prompts to create new variations, and not all of them are better than V4. But I can’t just keep the style and upgrade the details, the new version wants to do its new thing.

It works well for historical stuff, because there are so many paintings, and paintings have aesthetic integrity. This prompt was “baroque young girl in yellow reading in library, realistic photo” but there are no photos from that time period, so it isn’t quite sure what to do in V4.

V5 did much better:

midjourney5 prompts photography

Also just by saying “realistic” you’re telling it that it should be art. It should appear to be real; but mostly if you’re using historical time periods you’ll probably get more artistic results. Though even then, a lot of my images are just less emotionally compelling in V5.

In V4, you had to use pretty long prompts to get good results. I’ll often combine things that work and try new things. Here’s a big one for wolf-dudes.

You might notice I left a bunch a “supernatural girl” in there – but the beginning matters most, so it took the “handsome man in the woods.” Usually, start with the what (photo, illustration, painting) then add your subject (handsome man) then add details about the man; then the background or setting; then the styles.

V.4 – moody and hot, great for urban fantasy book covers
V.5 – my guess is, a long prompt like this is just too much (and unnecessary) for midjourney 5. It can get better results with simpler prompts, whereas with V4 I had to use stuff like this.

realistic photograph, romance gorgeous floral decorative creative, sleek dark fabric, low light, austere fantasy character concept, handsome man in the woods, jeans jacket, chest and muscles, muscular, rugged dagger armor, standing between two large wolves in dark forest, full moon, vampire hunter, gothic horror, mystery thriller, supernatural girl , fantasy, art by ken kelly, art by jean-joseph benjamin-constant, art by rudolf ernst, armor, high detail, highly detailed, cinematic, gloomy low angle shot + Volumetric Lighting 8k, gorgeous woman with well-proportioned body, full length portrait, low light environment, volumetric lighting, edge lighting, octane render, 8k, perfect shading, trending on artstation, ultra-realistic, concept art, Dark Mode, Tones of Black in Background, Spotlight, Beautiful cinematic shot + photos taken by ARRI, photos taken by sony, photos taken by canon, photos taken by nikon, photos taken by sony, photos taken by hasselblad + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, photography lighting + 50mm, 80mm, 100m + lightroom gallery + behance photographys –ar 2:3

These are some of my favorite images from V.4:

In order to make it more realistic, V.5 has to make the dragons more like fake statues.

Prompt: main model shoot style, 8k 3d render sharp focus photography low angle shot high detail, beautiful Chinese fantasy woman portrait, teenage 23 years old, Looking at camera, fierce gaze, black lace textures, Michael parkes art, fantasy concept, 1379 Chiba imperial dynasty concubine. mythology, sleeveless gothic black gown, holding a dragon, red lips stained dripping honey, floral flower organic textures. realistic object octane Renders, outdoor lowlight moonlight dark dirty forest, dynamic lighting full length portrait, octane volumetric lighting, edge lighting, octane render, 8k, perfect shading, trending on artstation, ultra-realistic, concept art, Dark Mode, Tones of Black in Background, Spotlight, Beautiful cinematic shot + photos taken by ARRI, photos taken by sony, photos taken by canon, photos taken by nikon, photos taken by sony, photos taken by hasselblad + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, photography lighting + 50mm, 80mm, 100m + lightroom gallery + behance photographys + unsplash –ar 2:3

Again, this could just be because V5 doesn’t need all these heavy prompts to steer it (sometimes I had better results with duplicates, misspellings, or contradictions, so my prompts are messy). And it’s probably worth it to stress here that I’m not using these for commercial purposes, and only sharing them for education and testing. I experiment with a lot of artists to see what happens, but I appreciate how this seems dodgy; use at your own risk. 

Tricks for prompting midjourney 5

It doesn’t *know* that you want something to look good. So try things like “epic, breathtaking, stylish, creative, perfect, gorgeous/beautiful/pretty, dramatic lighting” etc. 

Also try adding –stylize 1000

I usually have to use some of my older art, to coach it on the style I want. So I can use midjourney 5, use my old prompts, but also add a few images so it has a clear reference. Then it does better. It can also use just one image, if you find something cool to use as a starting point, add the photo in (there’s a remix mode, but I usually just upload it with the + icon, then hold down and copy the url link, then past that into the /imagine prompt box.

Also, I’d start with a basic prompt: what do you want. Then keep adding details or keywords. The photography styles above should work really well, so it doesn’t give you a boring image but something cooler or more dramatic. The artistic styles will probably still work well too. 

But overall, the images might not look as stunning as V4. They look real. So they don’t stand out. They’re ordinary. That is, actually, the main thing – it’s insane that we’re already here, that the tech is this good. That we can make images of anything that are so believable they are forgettable.

AI is like the uncanny valley, and the appearance of stranger-folk like the Fae that you need to count the fingers and toes (you can also do this to tell if you’re dreaming). But the idea that we can always tell, that there are markers that distinguish AI from human content, that’s a fleeting thing.

Some people love the realism and detail. 

I wish it could keep the vibe and aesthetic and also add the detail.

But they’ll probably update it soon or in the next version. For now, you might want to test midjourney V4 against midjourney V5 to see which is best for your project. Here are some of my recent V5 results. Some of these are great. Some look like realistic fantasy cosplay. They aren’t all as dramatic as earlier versions but the details are pretty crazy.

PS. Also I noticed, previously you might get a sultry fantasy girl, but V4 was very careful to avoid dirty images. V5, maybe just because it’s more realistic, seems to give me *sexier* art. Most naughty keywords are banned, even things like “intimate” portrait. But it got better at faces, fingers and breasts. Sometimes it shows too much, and I’d have to cover it up in photoshop.

There’s a good mix of art styles in there, to get a sense of what V.5 is capable of. I *can’t* legally copyright these images, but please link back here if you share anything. I will probably use these on my book covers or to promote my fantasy novels.

How to actually use midjourney or AI art?

Right now, people are just playing with the tech and making crazy things. But it already works very well to just manifest the thing you need: a single, simple picture of whatever. Better than stock. Better than a lot of artists. Much faster and cheaper (not to mention, more unique and more creative). AI art is a threat to humanity, no doubt, and will cause massive shifts to everything. But it’s such a powerful productivity tool, it’s pretty hard to ignore, even for designers or artists.

It’s not meant for art, real art. It is pretty great for commercial graphics. Like when I need a dark desktop background, or a whisp of purple smoke, or a floor of pink diamonds… specific, human ideas and concepts I can bring together for a project. It’s a lot faster than photobashing in photoshop (or searching for overused stock resources) and the results are better. 

I’m mostly interested in using midjourney for book cover design, but it’s still a little too early for that; although usually if I give clients the options, they’ll choose the most powerful cover, regardless of how it was made. I planned to use it for my DIY templates, as example art that should not be used… but I also discovered some prompts that are too good to share, that end up with a print-ready, highly commercial book cover art, and I selfishly don’t want to tell people about them until I have a chance to update my own covers, because I want to use the tech to my advantage while I have a chance – but it’s a slipping window. It took hundreds of hours to discover my prompts, but I’ll bet people will be able to get similar or better results with new version of midjourney.

For book cover art, I don’t need a million fancy art styles or creative prompts. But it is pretty difficult, to get the background, detailed character concept art, and foreground all in one balanced image. The typical style will be near-photographic, with dramatic lighting. I have a tool to blend layers together like photoshop, but in a few months, we may not need it.

*I already found a prompt that makes pretty great book cover art… these work in V4, but in V5 they look tacky, like bad photoshop made from cheesy renders; which is what most authors would end up with unless they hire a designers to photobash everything together into a scene.

midjourney AI for book cover art

It can’t handle text or typography yet, which is where my templates come in handy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a lot better at typography this year as well, which would be another major assault on sites that sells design resources. For example… If could say “add this title in this font”, and it managed it – it wouldn’t be legal to use the font without buying the rights, but it would also be very hard to prove otherwise (fonts are different from art: if you copied one specific piece of art from an artist, that would also be illegal. But imagine if you said, I need a spooky serif font for paranormal romance like these three fonts; to spell out the title… or create a whole new alphabet to use). It would take a lot of work, right now. It will get easy, later. The sites that sell these resources, or the designers who create them, should be worried.

AI art copyright issues and commercial use

Right now, the jury is out… but most of the big players are already on board with AI art and stable diffusion, which means it’s unlikely to go away, even if we add better protections. That said, it’s a little risky to use AI art in commercial products or projects; it’s risky to use it for clients unless they know what they’re signing up for. It’s not illegal – probably – depending on your prompts or subjects, which you do need to be careful about.

But don’t try to pass it off as your artwork or lie about how the art was made.

I mentioned this earlier, but styles can’t be copyrighted. Specific movies, video game characters, brands or celebrities probably are, however. There’s always been “fan art” where artists portray these things, and it’s a gray area, but if you try to sell things it can get illegal (I got a cease and desist once from the makers of “Angry Birds” because of an oil painting I was working on….)

PS – as an art history major, I hope these midjourney prompts will help people learn, explore and admire very talented artists, to get a sense of the various art and photography styles and terms. It can be a great learning exercise. However it’s also dangerous: some of my images, for example, could come up when people search for actual living artists, and that’s no good. It makes the artist’s names more recognizable, but also makes them harder to find. So I encourage you to seek them out and support them if you can.

I’ve talked more about this stuff at length.

Share your midjourney prompts!

Let me know in the comments if you discovered something useful. Don’t forget to check back soon for more Midjourney Prompts or style examples.

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