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Stable Diffusion Prompt Note

做个笔记记录一下生成AI女友的 prompt,供自己查找。 高清照片风格 Photo Realistic Negative Prompt for…

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Best Midjourney Prompts: an epic list of 644 crazy text to image ideas

Update! Version 5 just came out, and it’s more…

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Apple – Core ML Stable Diffusion

Copy from here. Run Stable Diffusion on Apple…

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Stable Diffusion教學 ControlNet 約拍AI名模

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Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon

View source code (GitHub) Core ML Models Today,…

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Official implementation of Adding Conditional Control to Text-to-Image Diffusion…

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How to install and run Stable Diffusion on Apple Silicon M1/M2 Macs

AUTOMATIC1111 This section shows you how to install…